IT Security Operations (SecOps)

IT Security is a hot-button issue for business services, IT infrastructure, and users. Security teams can quickly become flooded with alerts and information regarding vulnerabilities from both known and unknown sources. However, these notifications often lack information regarding its relation to the business which makes it difficult to identify what poses the greatest threat to the organization.

As cyber threats continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, siloed security solutions no longer can keep up as they lack the intelligent tools to remediate the issues when there is a breach. Manual cross-team processes lack the efficiency necessary to respond to attacks or defend vulnerabilities, ultimately leaving your organization at risk for a breach or compromise.

Manage security risks & solve real threats fast with ServiceNow Security Operations


With ServiceNow Security Operation, security data from your organization’s existing tools and applications are brought into one structured response engine integrated into the same platform as IT. Security Operations aims to improve responses to any potential incidents by automatically prioritizing risks to be resolved efficiently while coordinating with IT teams.

ServiceNow SecOps platform offers security incident response, vulnerability response, and threat intelligence built into comprehensive workflows, orchestration, and automation within a single ServiceNow platform.

Map threats and security incidents with ServiceNow CMBD

ServiceNow Security Operation Services Features Include:
  • Intelligent workflow, orchestration, and system management tools
  • Visual service maps and dashboard analytics to monitor data trends, measure security
  • Risk assessment tools for all virtual and physical assets
  • Automated threat patching, configuration changes, and incident reporting

InSource can help with Security Operation Services

During the ServiceNow Security Operations integration process, InSource provides thorough security services from prevention to detection to remediation of threats.

Find out how InSource can help your organization transform its IT security services!