Elevate Your Telecom Service and Operations

In the telecom industry, customer experience and connectivity are everything.  But siloed departments and complex IT environments make it nearly impossible to deliver the exceptional service consumers expect. People-intensive processes drive up costs while creating a major barrier to growth and productivity.

InSource can implement the purpose-built workflow solutions that address the unique challenges telecoms face as they rapidly grow their portfolios and digitally transform their businesses.

The ServiceNow platform implemented by InSource digitizes workflows that connects the entire telecommunications operation from the customer to the network on one cloud platform.


Through the following actions, InSource can impact operational cost pressures, the customer experience, and workforce turnover and retention:

  • Aggregate data across silos, providing a single view for both agents and customers
  • Replace disparate tools and manual service management processes with data-driven automation
  • Rapidly deploy new apps, automate business processes, and transform the customer experience
  • Digitizing, streamlining, and automating complex and repetitive HR processes

As an Elite Services Partner, InSource has the experience in deploying ServiceNow applications within telecommunications and media environments. Our expertise is ready to assist you.