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Fortune 500 Company


Long-standing ServiceNow customer. The customer distributed an RFP for a Service Portal Refresh initiative and InSource was awarded the contract.

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What Was Their Business Issue?

  • Redesign self-service portal to address the employee’s journey around the request, management, and completion of IT services
  • Evaluation of existing self-service portal
  • Integrate areas of ServiceNow including the Service Catalog and knowledgebase library

Unique Problems Being Solved?

  • Improve service portal for end-users with the goal of a connected experience and simplified process to manage requests
  • Improvement of informational search experience with a focus on quality results related to queries, keywords, and related searches
  • Ability to align site information design with user’s goals and tasks
  • Lack of regional translation model for Service Portal use and functionality
  • Knowledge articles are currently not written for end-users of the service
  • Overall consolidation and automation of strategies

The ServiceNow Solution and Anticipated Business Value to be Realized?

  • Create a streamlined portal experience with better access to how-to documentation with the inclusion of service solutions like virtual agents for employees
  • Create a flexible information structure that is able to adjust with the platform tune search and build plan to maintain and operationalize features for ongoing improvement
  • Regionalization of the Service Portal to support global presence including a 24/7 model for self-service
  • Support effective creation and management of KM services with guidance to support end-user rollout
  • Reduction of the number of forms, eliminating technical jargon and complexity

What Were The Major Challenges That Needed To Be Achieved?

Articulating the needs of the customer in an RFP process without having significant interaction with the Client in respect of the RFP rules. Also, the requirement of a reverse pricing auction was a test of confidence in the value of the InSource solution and offering.

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InSource consultants can implement your most complex requirements.

Leading Financial Services Firm

How Was This Opportunity Discovered?

InSource implemented ITSM for this financial firm in 2015.  InSource spoke with the ServiceNow Account Executive in early 2021 about the renewal. The AE stated that the firm was using ITSM to track customer call and ticket information and not CSM as part of the renewal.  ServiceNow told the firm that they needed to purchase CSM and can no longer use ITSM for customer tickets due to compliance issues. InSource spoke with the firm’s contract in October to discuss the transition.  The contact stated he needed advisement on CSM in order to set it up properly and to transition information which is in a Domain Separated environment.  InSource suggested its Advisory Services.

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What Was Their Business Issue?

  • The financial firm was out of compliance in terms of licenses
  • The financial firm was not using CSM for customer issues. It was using ITSM and was out of compliance.
  • ServiceNow provided them a year to migrate and be complaint

Unique Problems We Are Solving?

  • The financial firm will receive added functionality utilizing CSM and a complete application suite
  • Guide and advise on best practices to set up their CSM instance
  • Absence of in-house expertise in CSM

The ServiceNow Solution and Anticipated Business Value to be Realized

  • See above for additional information
  • The client will be able to take advantage of the CSM suite as opposed to limited ITSM for customer calls
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InSource consultants can implement your most complex requirements.

National Energy Provider

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What Was The Business Objective?

  • Reduce service agent workloads through increased automation
  • Improve employee experience with faster response times
  • Expand PXD’s chatbot conversations to enhance employee experience and reduce org. costs

What Was The Solution and Process That Was Proposed?

  • Stakeholder collaboration and presence were proposed, and the focus provided by the team helped with in-depth discussions.
  • Customers had been on the platform for a while but did not know where to start with their topics. InSource walked them through ServiceNow “Topic Discovery” which looked at their Incidents Requests from the past few months. InSource explained the results and walked them through the topics that would be quick wins.
  • For each topic, InSource focused on understanding every step along the way in resolving a question or issue. Then, InSource identified what the outcomes would be for each conversation. Depending on the complexity of the support, we offered a ‘chat’-like/step-based approach, creating an incident, showing knowledge articles, or catalog items.
  • InSource understood that for a first phase effort, many questions wouldn’t be supported by the virtual agent, so we made a point to stress that knowledge should be created to assist in the meantime, and always made sure to support the creation of an incident.
  • Another focus was ‘personalizing’ the bot, naming the bot, and providing a playful experience through custom “small talk” topics, including jokes and quirky responses to the silly questions asked by end-users.

What Were The Expected Long-Term Outcomes?

  • Going live with more than thirty topics, InSource was confident that the Virtual Agent will successfully reduce the call volume to the Service Desk
  • Stressing the importance of Organizational Change Management through a large product launch notification, end-users were excited to use the interface
  • The personalization of the bot also aimed to increase general employee experience and happiness
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InSource consultants can implement your most complex requirements.

National Outpatient Care Organization

How Was This Opportunity Discovered?

Potential projects were discussed during budget planning with the customer. The customer reached out and told InSource that they had the approval to move forward with event and incident management.

Outpatient Surgery Center

What Was Their Business Issue?

  • The customer was transitioning from one Managed Service provider to another for Data Center Management
  • Customers needed to stand up to Event Management to capture events to create incidents so they could track them and ensure resolution
  • The customer needed to ensure that the Service Provider was meeting their SLAs
  • The customer did not have a workflow for managing major Incidents and wanted to improve on how they are handled and communicated

Unique Problems We Are Solving?

InSource has encountered and solved similar problems with other customers.

The ServiceNow Solution and Anticipated Business Value to be Realized

  • Quicker MTTR on major incidents
  • Better communication and visibility to senior management on major incidents
  • Ability to measure and enforce SLAs with the Managed Service provider to ensure service in alignment with investment being made
  • Ability to capture and track events within the infrastructure and when possible take appropriate actions to eliminate outages
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InSource consultants can implement your most complex requirements.

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