Connect Operations and IT Without Sacrificing Customer Issues

Disconnected departments make it difficult to build enterprise-level processes that lead to first-call resolution of customer or plant issues.

Self-service tools allow customers to see real-time status updates without having to call—while empowering them to take a more active role in their customer journey. 

 InSource can provide all stakeholders access to information through a clear, visible process that will streamline the delivery of products to the marketplace.

The ServiceNow️ platform implemented by InSource digitizes workflows that scale the transformation of smart manufacturing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other Industry 4.0 trends.


Through the following actions, InSource can connect IT and operations in order to give all stakeholders the information that they need for factory equipment support from suppliers and vendors.

  • Automate life cycle management and repairs in the field
  • Automate common activities for inventory management
  • Create a portal for vendors to submit issues and track inquiries
  • Automate warranty and product support for customers
Engineer in hardhat is using a tablet computer in a heavy industry factory.

As an Elite Services Partner, InSource has experience in deploying ServiceNow️ applications within diverse manufacturing and distribution environments. Our expertise is ready to assist you.