Drive Campus Connection Through Scalable Processes

Today’s educational institutions have different needs—and expectations. From student application to enrollment, to selecting classes, to applying for grants, to after-school activities there is a need to assist the students in every stage of their journey and streamline the byzantine level of administrative processes.

InSource can make it easier for students and faculty to get the support they need by anticipating requests through the use of digital workflows.

The ServiceNow️ platform implemented by InSource enhances the student journey by improving and streamlining the operational processes for universities, highs schools, or middle schools.


Through the following actions, InSource can impact the quality of service for both students and administration by categorizing incidents by type while holding all of the information that is needed to effectively process and resolve an issue.

  • Provide easy to understand support to students when they require it
  • Streamline administrative tasks and reduce the burden on faculty
  • Automate repetitive IT tasks with digital workflows and reduce operational expenses
  • Address campus-wide cyber vulnerabilities and risks while keep students and staff safe
Back view of a female student talking to a professor on a class at lecture hall.

As an Elite Services Partner, InSource has experience in deploying ServiceNow️ applications within universities, high schools, and middle schools. Our expertise is ready to assist you.