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Streamline the Employee Experience

Are your employees frustrated with current HR services?

InSource can increase employee satisfaction by making it easy for employees to stay connected with the ServiceNow™️ HRSD (HR Service Delivery) platform. Streamline, manage, and track the services of your HR department so that it is employee-focused with intelligent easy to use workflows. Let our experts assist your HR team in boosting the productivity of the new hybrid workforce through easy-to-use self-service workflows and positive employee experiences.

Human Resource Service Delivery

InSource’s HRSD Enterprise Products and Solutions Expertise

  • Case and Knowledge Management
  • Employee Service Center
  • Employee Onboarding and Transitions
  • Employee Document Management
  • Performance Analytics for HR Service Delivery
  • Virtual Agent
  • Predictive Intelligence

Agent Workspace for HR Service Delivery

ServiceNow™️ HRSD improves HR agent productivity and provides essential employee services on the back-end with simplified processes that leverage predictive intelligence to optimize HR agent efficiency. HRSD allows agents to provide a consistent level of service and experience to employees. Insights are then captured from this activity that act as future benchmarks for improvement.

The modern CHRO is driving digital transformation, with many CHROs wanting to digitize all HR responsibilities; most HR functions are already in the early stages of digital transformation. More CHROs are expecting success to be defined by the employee experience and the pace of digitization is expected to accelerate, with CHROs using platform models to drive this change.

InSource Delivery Methodology

HRSD Project Delivery Team

Delivery Executive
Account Executive
Project Manager
Solution Consultant
Solution Architect(s)
Technical Consultant(s)

Broad Portfolio Of ServiceNow™️ Solutions

As an Elite ServiceNow™️ Certified Partner, InSource’s HRSD experts have the experience and expertise to provide the entire ServiceNow™️ HRSD ecosystem to your organization. We are here ready to assist you.