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Automate Your IT Asset Lifecycle with ServiceNow ITAM

Are you trying to take control of your IT assets and optimize your costs?

InSource’s ServiceNow ITAM Practice allows you to optimize your hardware, software, and cloud costs through the employment of ServiceNow IT Asset Management.   ITAM comprises the full lifecycle of procuring and provisioning business technology software and hardware assets. It also manages the full lifecycle of selecting, configuring, and retiring those assets.

We can help you manage these IT assets across all areas of an organization, including contracts, finances, software and hardware inventory, and risk management.

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ServiceNow ITAM

InSource’s ServiceNow ITAM Enterprise Products and Solutions Expertise

  • Hardware Asset Management
  • Software Asset Management
  • Program Architecture and Implementation
  • Rationalization & Standardization
  • Platform Transformation
  • Data Architecture and Infrastructure Consultation
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Hardware Asset Management

Hardware asset management monitors all of the physical parts and equipment of the IT function. Asset management starts when the hardware is obtained, continues throughout the life of the hardware, and comes to and end with the disposal of assets. Additionally, hardware asset management helps to prioritize asset usage throughout the organization’s departments and levels. 

Software Asset Management

Software asset management mainly focuses on purchasing,  accounting and distributing software licenses across the organization. In addition, software asset management consists of budgeting, cost, strategy, and decision-making processes involved in obtaining, using, and disposing of software resources either internally or externally and on-premises or in the cloud.

Program Architecture and Implementation

Program architecture and implementation allow us to understand how the design of the work flows within the ServiceNow platform to start and trigger other processes and actions. This architectural program will help you set up a successful, long-term IT asset management procedure. It can adopt details such as multi-tenancy, SAIM, and many more. It also helps to build cross-functional support.

Insource’s ServiceNow ITAM Capabilities

ServiceNow IT Asset Management Capabilities

When business changes, asset managers need to have reliable data on all assets in one place. When assets are managed separately and data is scattered, this becomes impossible. ServiceNow ITAM provides increased visibility and lifecycle automation of all assets on one platform. With ServiceNow IT Asset Management, asset managers can gain end-to-end asset visibility, improve asset workflow and utilization, and reduce asset costs and risks.

Difference between ServiceNow ITAM & CMDB

The Difference Between Asset Management & CMDB

The ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is a user-friendly, cloud-based single system of record for your IT data and infrastructure. It allows you to identify and fix service outages, assesses and values the impact of a change on service, manage your assets, improve compliance, and more.

InSource Delivery Methodology For ServiceNow ITAM

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As an Elite ServiceNow️ Certified Partner, InSource’s ServiceNow ITAM Practice has the experience and expertise to provide the entire ServiceNow️ asset management ecosystem to your organization. We are here ready to assist you.