SkillBridge Internship

InSource supports the DOD SkillBridge program which allows military service members who are within one year to six months of separation from the military with an internship around the ServiceNow ecosystem.

SkillBridge Internship

What is SkillBridge?

SkillBridge is a Department of Defense authorized program that allows service members who are within one year to six months of separation from the military to complete internships and pre-apprenticeships with approved civilian employers prior to transitioning out of the military.

SkillBridge Apprenticeship Program Flow

How To Support ServiceNow Platforms:

  1. A mentor will be assigned
  2. Achieve Administrator Certification
  3. Begin supervised hands-on work while studying for next certification
  4. Once CIS certification is achieved an intern can be assigned to projects
  5. All interns are expected to earn between 5 and 14 certifications
SkillBridge Internship

SkillBridge Internship Timeline

The program is designed for up to 24 weeks:

14 weeks certification training

10 weeks on the job training

The program is flexible, and there are several training programs to fit different timelines,
if necessary, but would need prior approval from the BECK SkillBridge team.

SkillBridge Internship

SkillBridge Internship Completion

Upon completion of the internship one of the following actions will occur:

  • Intern will be offered a position at InSource based on performance. (if open position is available)
  • Intern will be recommended to InSource partners based on performance
  • InSource will help intern post into the marketplace and contact recruiters
  • Intern may choose other career opportunities
SkillBridge Internship

Required Documents For SkillBridge

Military Personnel
  • Photo ID
  • Vetting Checklist / MOU approved by Command
  • Skillbridge Questionnaire
  • Internship Agreement
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of Relationship to Military Personnel
  • Proof of Military Personnel Transition Date
  • Skillbridge Questionnaire
  • Internship Agreement

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