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ServiceNow Careers

ServiceNow, Inc. is a cloud-based American company that helps organizations improve operational work forces by automation tasks. ServiceNow, Inc. was established in 2004 with its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Evolving as an IT Service Management company, ServiceNow has come a long way to becoming the enterprise service management platform for business that connects all organization work forces from customer service to human resources and security. ServiceNow market share is almost triple the share of its competitors. All these factors have caused ServiceNow to become one of the best career options to choose from.

ServiceNow Job Opportunities

ServiceNow Jobs are always in high demand. ServiceNow is the industry leader with it’s large growing IT platform of cloud-based service offerings. ServiceNow Jobs are stable career options for technical experts. With ServiceNow Careers, there are many opportunities to grow and learn. Career opportunities range from developers to architects and administrators. Most ServiceNow employees have diverse backgrounds and come from different practice areas. The average salary of a ServiceNow employee is almost 100k. Moreover, ServiceNow Jobs ensure employees of global growth and exposure.

Servicenow Jobs on Your Resume

Each ServiceNow Job has various job roles that require different skills and expertise for success. Therefore, you should build your resume so that it highlights the necessary skills required for the ServiceNow Job role you are applying for. For a developer position, you need to list your programming language skills, your work on web applications and web technologies. If you are applying for a job role as a ServiceNow administrator, your experience and knowledge with system configuration and management, customizing databases, and testing workflows, can position you above others for that ServiceNow Job role.

ServiceNow Jobs Certifications

Consulting companies that work as ServiceNow partners require at least one certification to hire on and employee on their projects. You should take an official training course before trying to get a certification and become a Certified ServiceNow Administrator (CSA) for a ServiceNow Job. You can also learn and take the ITIL V3 Foundations certification that is equally good and very much in demand. This is actually available on YouTube videos.

ServiceNow Jobs Interview Tips

While preparing for the ServiceNow Job interview, it’s important to focus your answers on practical hands-on expertise rather than theoretical knowledge because most interview questions are largely based on the candidate’s personal experience. It’s important to think about how you will answer questions like these so that you can explain how you were able to implement a concept on different projects you worked on in the past. If you are applying for a higher position the interview questions will be very focused on your experience implementing ServiceNow products, types of projects you have worked with and project outcomes. You will have to explain how you handled a project to keep it on track and explain why the outcome was negative if that was the case.

ServiceNow Jobs Salary

Like any other job, the ServiceNow Jobs Salary greatly depends on the job position, and your experience and skills. For example, an average salary for a junior developer position with anywhere between zero to two years of experience is about 60-90k while a senior developer can expect to earn up to 120-180k.