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Improve Your Customer Service Operations with ServiceNow CSM

Trying to go beyond normal customer service solutions?

InSource’s CSM Practice has the expertise to improve service operations and engage customers with integrated digital workflows that will solve customer problems by connecting customer service with other teams throughout the organization to resolve issues quickly and proactively.  Go beyond regular customer service by bringing together front, middle, and back offices.

Our industry knowledge and platform expertise can help you automate these recurring requests and intelligently route tasks to the right group, thereby, streamlining resolutions.

ServiceNow CSM: Product Line Achievement 

InSource’s ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM)
Enterprise Products and Solutions Expertise

Case Management

Provides a comprehensive case management system that enables organizations to effectively manage customer inquiries and support requests.

Advanced Work Assignment (AWA)

Allows you to automatically route cases to the best available agents based on specific criteria such as agent skills, workload, and availability.

Knowledge Management

Connects to processes and tools used by organizations for capturing, storing, organizing, accessing, and analyzing data about their customers.

Virtual Agent

A chatbot that combines Natural Language Understanding (NLU) models to analyze, understand, and guide customers to the right topic.


Allows customers to get help through self-service portals.

Agent Workspace

A user interface designed to manage customer interactions and cases efficiently.

Guided Decisions

Provides a troubleshooting process for the customer service agents based on cases they are working on.

Insource’s ServiceNow CSM

ServiceNow️ Customer Service Management

Bring your front, middle, and back offices together to drive customer solutions and solve more problems with ServiceNow️ Customer Service Management. With ServiceNow️ CSM, you can instantly handle common customer requests and proactively address customer issues while reducing case volume and costs at the same time. Among the available tools are a virtual agent, a playbook for customer service, industry data models, and more.

Connect CSM and field service agents with ServiceNow️ Field Service Management

ServiceNow️ Field Service Management

Keep your customer service and field service agents connected at all times with ServiceNow️ Field Service Management. Manage location-based work safely and efficiently and fix problems before your customers even know they have them. Coordinate with third-party service contractors and automate work with Dynamic Scheduling and Central Dispatch. Keep your customers informed and avoid the frustration that comes with miscommunication between agents in the field and those back at the office. 

ServiceNow️ CSM Overview

ServiceNow️ CSM enables you to provide service and support to your customers by offering omnichannel service through different communication channels, like social media, self-service, phone, chat, virtual agent, and more. Customers can use these channels to communicate efficiently with your organization and enhance their customer service experience. Create and distribute cases to available customer service agents based on skill sets and work efficiently between teams and departments using workflow and collaboration.

InSource ServiceNow️ Delivery Methodology

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Broad Portfolio Of ServiceNow️ Solutions

As an Elite ServiceNow️ Certified Partner, InSource’s CSM Practice has the experience and expertise to provide the entire ServiceNow️ CSM ecosystem to your organization. We are here ready to assist you.