University Training

InSource provides ServiceNow™ administrator training to entry-level technicians. Through university training, technicians can, in a short amount of time, directly support their organization’s ServiceNow™ initiatives.

Become a Certified & Trained ServiceNow Administrator at a Fraction of the Cost

The InSource University Employment Program has repeatedly demonstrated to be a continuous success for both the individual involved and the organizations who have employed them. This program provides flexibility and top-level instruction without the need to scale up internal training resources.

ServiceNow™ University Training

How InSource’s ServiceNow™ Training Program Works

InSource hires new or recent college graduates as ServiceNow Technical Consultants (TC) with the intent for the candidate to become a full-time employee of the customer.

ServiceNow Partner

Contract to Hire
Twelve-Month Training Program

Within the Initial Three Months:

The ServiceNow™ Technical Consultant receives hands-on training and completes administration, implementation, and scripting courses for ServiceNow™ from InSource, then becomes a certified ServiceNow™ system administrator.

In the Following Nine Months:

The Technical Consultant will be placed as a contractor at the customer full time for nine months.

At the Twelve-Month Mark:

The customer can convert the Technical Consultant at no fee to a full-time employee.

ServiceNow™ Training Program Benefits

Benefits of our ServiceNow™ training program include:

  • Low training costs & minimized risk
  • Hands-on, real-time ServiceNow™ training
  • The potential for the technician’s salary to exceed $125K

InSource’s ServiceNow™ Administrator Training has the curriculum, program outline, and experience to train and support your future system administrators. We are here and ready to assist you.