Streamline Your Retail Infrastructure

Today’s consumer expects their interactions with retailers to be convenient, personalized, and consistent while retailers know they need to move faster and be more innovative to win over customers. To do that, they need to better manage their supply chain to achieve a competitive advantage.

InSource will help your operational team minimize supply chain disruptions with well-connected information from stores to suppliers so you can quickly remedy issues and streamline your operations.

The ServiceNow platform implemented by InSource provides real-time visibility into your operation, risks, assets, and potential supply chain issues.


Through the following actions, InSource can impact back-office complexities, operational cost pressures, supply chain disruptions, and workforce turnover and retention:

  • Put more control into customers with self-service tools, reducing back-and-forth over the phone or email
  • Provide a single platform that connects different systems with cross-functional digital workflows
  • Create HR processes that are accessible through self-service portals and can address common questions
  • Connect different systems and processes across the supply chain to see what’s happening with inventory in real-time
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As an Elite Services Partner, InSource has experience in deploying ServiceNow enterprise applications within retail and hospitality environments. Our expertise is ready to assist you.