Optimize Workflows For Better Patient Care

Hospitals need to take a look at aging systems and processes in order to deliver improved clinical and administrative workflow.

This is done by delivering better patient outcomes with improved levels of security and compliance through digital transformation to acute hospitals, long-term care facilities, and physician practices.

Since healthcare needs to be more personal, Insource can improve upon the patient experience at these institutions with integrated workflows, self-service tools, and seamless triage.

The ServiceNow️ platform implemented by InSource digitizes workflows that transform clinical and business operations, employee experiences, and services for patients.

IDC The Business Value of ServiceNow for Healthcare Organizations

Through the following actions, InSource can improve hospital ITSM capabilities and core business operations so that they can better pursue the delivery of high-quality and personalized patient care.

  • Open incident reports without contacting the service desk
  • Identify positions, tracking the process, and expediting the onboarding of new hires
  • Improve operations alignment with greater visibility and dashboarding
  • Deliver asset management to better inform licensing decisions
Their duties have become a lot more digital

IDC White Paper

The Business Value of ServiceNow️ for Healthcare Organizations

As an Elite Services Partner, InSource has implemented an impressive variety of ServiceNow️ enterprise applications within many healthcare environments. Our expertise is ready to assist you.