StandardizedPro on the ServiceNow Platform

Built on the ServiceNow Platform, StandardizedPro is designed to quickly obtain, rationalize, deploy, and standardize business assets.  StandardizedPro enables us to offer immediate visibility and context to our client’s assets, identifying their current asset disposition- risk, compliance, redundancy, and why that is relevant to their business goals.

InSource focuses on analysis and outcome
on the StandardizedPro formula:

  • Discovery Mechanism – If we can see it, we can understand it
  • Normalization – Creating Common Language
  • Consumable Views – Making it Relevant
  • Contextual Use Case – Common Understanding
  • Defined and Trackable Action – Making a Difference

Acting as an ongoing rationalization engine, StandardizedPro enables decision making for software and hardware inventory, user profiles, enterprise organizational topography, and any critical information necessary to enable corporate asset and human capital management decisions, like:

  • Enterprise Asset Catalog Standardization 
  • Enterprise Asset rationalization
  • Platform Shift/ Service Migration
  • Infrastructure/ Product Integration
  • Project Service- Solutions Enablement
  • ITSM/ ITAM Program Enablement

StandardizedPro Context Packs with InSource

Built to extend the StandardizedPro rationalization core and your CMDB, InSource has designed scalable knowledge-based “Context Packs”.  Context Packs bring contextual visibility, decision-making, and workflow enablement to specific business use cases.

Merger & Acquisition Asset Discovery and Consolidation:

  • Knowing what one organization’s assets look like at any time during the M&A process, divestiture, etc.
  • Confirm risk and value opportunities through visibility to asset aging and functional categorization
  • Determine asset reduction and consolidation opportunities before post-merger
  • Know and act on your organization’s asset position by comparing organizational and asset information

InSource’s StandardizedPro
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