ServiceNow IT Asset Management (ITAM)

InSource is an Elite ServiceNow partner, and we specialize in ITAM implementation and resources. IT Asset Management (Information Technology Asset Management, or ITAM) is a subset of IT Service Management (ITSM). ITAM uses business practices to manage IT assets across all areas of an organization, including contracts, finances, software and hardware inventory, and risk management. As every department at every level uses some kind of technology to function, ITAM is becoming more and more essential to all organizations. 


Managing the Assets of IT

Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) comprises the full lifecycle of Procuring & Provisioning business technology Software and Hardware assets. To be successful, you must be able to manage the full lifecycle of Selecting, Configuring and Retiring those assets.

At the highest level, a successful Information Technology Asset Management program requires Enterprise-level Visibility so it may stand on 3 basic “Common Pillars”:

  1. Assembling Comprehensive Data
    Common Language
  2. Enabling a Business Environment
    Common Purpose
  3. Evolving Data into Information (Context)
    Common Understanding

Leveraging Common Language, Purpose and Understanding through a Common Platform we enable our clients to Maximize Value ( Return on IT asset Investment, Optimize the cost and Enhance the Performance of Service Delivery, Improve & Automate Process) and Minimize Risk (Technical and Financial, Reduce Technology Vulnerability and Security Risk, Establish Compliance position- HAM/ SAM).

When an IT Asset Management program is correctly implemented, it can create success for:

IT Leaders
  • Decision-Making Ability
  • Optimal Cost Base
  • Process Efficiency
  • Improved Control
  • Reduced Risk (vulnerability, security)
  • Service Delivery Agility
  • License Compliance Ability
  • Service Costing Capability
Business Stake-Holders
  • Maximize Revenue Potential & Create New Streams
  • Minimize Loss from Outages
  • Lower Cost of IT Services
  • Enhance Audit/Regulatory Compliance
  • Higher Service Reliability & Predictability
End Users
  • Self-Service Capability
  • Faster Service
  • Improved Customer Experience

InSource Can Improve Your Organization’s
IT Asset Management

We are ServiceNow Elite experts at Implementation.

 What does that mean to you? This coveted certification means that our implementation experts have been acknowledged by ServiceNow as having the knowledge and confidence to configure, customize and design ITAM implementations and have done so successfully with real‑world examples.  We have successfully implemented ITAM and solved high-level issues for our clients.

Examples of these high-level issues are:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Architecture and Implementation
  • Rationalization & Standardization
  • Platform Transformation
  • Data Architecture and Infrastructure Consultation

 Our implementers

  • ServiceNow Certified System Administrators
  • Have performed at least two end‑to‑end implementations with ServiceNow
  • Proficient at Scripting

We are ServiceNow experts at managing ITAM after implementation too!

Implementation requires a great deal of effort, but the benefits are noticeable quickly.  When you implement ITAM (SAM and HAM) successfully, you’ll:

  •    Notice better financial management of your software and hardware  
  •    Be ready for software and hardware audits
  •    Spend less time manually tracking hardware and software
  •    Provide a better customer experience
  •    Make better strategic decisions for IT based on data

Once you’ve implemented ServiceNow ITAM, you need to make sure you have the right people with the right skills, focused on the right tasks so that you continue to notice these substantial benefits.  

InSource ITAM Staffing and Services

 InSource has the staff to help you manage the ITAM process and technical tasks associated with successful Software and Hardware Management (SAM). We can also help you screen and hire the right staff for these positions. 

Here are some of the InSource ITAM staffing & services that can improve your project management:


Software Asset Management System Administrator
This is a very technical position, responsible for SAM maintenance. They review errors, logs, apply patches and upgrades, help with audits, and configure all aspects of SAM and HAM. 

Software Asset Manager
This position is responsible for maintaining SAM processes like procuring and approving software and reclaiming software. They are also responsible for software audits, managing vendors, and interfacing with many departments regarding software budgets. 

Hardware Asset Manager
This position typically handles hardware asset management lifecycle activities including deployments and disposal and keeps ServiceNow ITAM updated with this information. Our staff members filling this position also have a background using ServiceNow Discovery in order to assist with hardware budget management.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Architecture and Implementation
  • Rationalization & Standardization
  • Platform Transformation
  • Data Architecture and Infrastructure Consultation

Whether you are new to ServiceNow or looking to upgrade your ServiceNow solution, contact us today to discover how our technology solutions can transform the way you do business. 

ServiceNow ITAM Products and Solutions

Contact us today to discover how our ServiceNow ITAM solutions can transform the way you do business.