A complete mobile management experience to ServiceNow users is now available with Sakon’s mobile platform and InSource’s integration and implementation services.

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InSource Partner – Sakon

InSource is partnering with Sakon to provide a seamless integration with mobile carriers so that employees can order, upgrade, or suspend their mobile devices through their ServiceNow portal.

Sakon Mobile Scoped App

InSource will configure your ServiceNow forms and workflows, as well as integrate the ServiceNow API to the Sakon platform so that requests and approvals are sent to the Sakon Mobile Scoped App to be fulfilled through a carrier or a third-party fulfillment center.

Through the app, employees and administrators will be able to track their status in real-time.

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ServiceNow Integration

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Seamlessly integrate ServiceNow for:

  • End-user mobility ordering
  • Plan changes and renewals
  • Mobility service requests
  • Asset tracking
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Sakon Key Features:

  • User experience
  • Request management
  • Security and flexibility
  • Integration with Asset and CMDB tables

Sakon Key Benefits:

  • Unify data across carriers
  • Reduce manual intervention
  • Centralize IT services
  • Automate workflows for mobility management
  • Enable full mobile device lifecycle management

Learn how Sakon integrates with ServiceNow to deliver a complete mobile management experience to ServiceNow users.

InSource has the expertise and experience to help your IT team fully integrate the ServiceNow and Sakon platforms.