Account Executive IT Staffing

InSource is one of the nation’s leading providers of ServiceNow and Tech Talent Staffing Services. Our IT staffing services provide our clients with highly qualified Technology Consultants to help them achieve their business initiatives and transform the way they do business.

Our consultants endure a rigorous screening process inclusive of a meeting, reference check, technology assessment, as well as drug and background screenings. We provide three types of IT staffing solutions: Contract, Contract-to-Hire and Direct Placement.

InSource serves organizations both large and small with one driving motivation: to instill confidence in their IT department, making information-technology a genuine asset builder. We are proud to have a reputation of being more than an IT staffing agency. We are a business solutions company, and solutions often boil down to the right people with the right technology.

Account Executive

InSource is seeking an Account Executive to join our sales team, focusing on selling and expanding IT staffing services to new & existing clients in the greater Philadelphia area.

The business development role will be responsible for identifying and acquiring new client business as well as retaining and expanding existing client relationships. The ideal candidate will have 2+ years of sales experience; IT staffing sales experience preferred, and be local to the Delaware Valley, understand technology, and have a passion for team work, collaboration, building relationships and selling services.


  • Work with Talent Acquisition team as part of account management team
  • Competitively position and sell InSource services and solutions to new and existing clients
  • Understand the client’s strategic goals, existing IT environment, and other factors that influence buying decisions
  • Maintain relationships with hiring managers
  • Identify new business opportunities for InSource


  • Self-driven, highly focused, results-oriented and quality decision-making
  • A broad understanding of the IT staffing industry relative to key technology trends, business drivers and strategies
  • Consultative, value-based sales approach with an attention to detail
  • Demonstrated ability to accelerate the sale-to-close cycle
  • Experience in IT staffing
  • Experience with account management, business development
  • Establish/build relationships
  • Ability to develop account plans and strategies
  • Able to work in a fast paced environment
  • Ability to prioritize multiple tasks and to seek additional assistance as appropriate
  • Consistent follow-up and follow-through on all assigned tasks

Contact: Joseph Ward –

A Vacant Position is More Costly Than You Think

A Vacant Position is More Costly Than You Think- IT Staffing-InSource

While every company deals with employee turnover, the most efficient and productive organizations are those who have talent acquisition and retention plans in place and, when a position becomes vacant, can quickly fill the pipeline with quality candidates. Employee turnover and vacant positions often impact your company, not only in production, but also in dollars. Recruiting, screening and acquiring new staff can be a costly and time consuming process. As your organization establishes a plan for responding to position vacancies it’s important to understand the direct and indirect costs involved.

Vacancies can quickly cause a trickle-down effect on the rest of your organization, so don’t be fooled into thinking the cost of open positions is merely temporary overtime.  We’ve identified the most common – and costly – mistakes companies make regarding vacant positions and validated how our IT staffing services can help your organization avoid these pitfalls and run more efficiently.

What a Vacant Position is Really Costing Your Organization

There are a number of ways you can calculate the direct and indirect costs a vacant position may have on your company- the Cost Approach, the Cost of a Replacement, Recruiting Fees, Employee Training, and Onboarding Cost, Severance Pay, etc. To understand the daily revenue loss incurred by an open position, let’s use a simple salary multiplier approach using a position with a salary of $75K. Most employees across a majority of industries generate revenue between one to three times their yearly salary. Using two as our multiplier and assuming there are 220 working days in a calendar year, divide 75,000 by 220, which equals $340.91. Then, apply the multiplier: 2 x 340.91. This tells us that the vacant position is costing the organization around $681.82 daily and $3,409.10 over a five-day work week. This cost can be even higher when dealing with Information Technology positions.

Avoid Costly Vacant Positions

When you have a vacant position within your company, in addition to the daily monetary cost associated, there are a number of non-monetary costs as well. In some occasions, you may see the open position as an opportunity to cut spending and re-adjust responsibilities, but before your brag about your newfound efficiencies, it’s important to consider how it can affect your business.

  • Vacant positions not only can cost your organization money, but they will likely take a toll on your remaining employees. The work still needs to be completed, which puts added workload and pressure on other employees. If the vacancy drags on, your remaining employees can quickly burn out. While it may seem like a good idea to save money and distribute the responsibilities of the vacant position amongst the team, this can result in a loss of productivity.
  • The added workload and stresses can result in losing another employee and doubling your vacancy costs.
  • The vacant position may impact time to market and / or delivery and quality of your product and / or service
  • If on-going vacancies are a result of a slow recruiting process or limited resources for recruiting, you risk losing top candidates accepting other positions – especially in a full employment market – by the time you make a hiring decision, causing you to fill your position with a lower quality hire.
  • A slow recruiting process may have your job posting advertised for months causing it to look stale which poses a risk to your employment brand. And, a posting listed for an extended period will no longer attract top talent.
  • If you wait too long to start the recruiting and hiring process, you risk losing budget to fund the position.
  • Depending on the department or job function, vacancies can also affect customer satisfaction.

Be Proactive with IT Staffing

While there are times when it makes sense to downsize your workforce, don’t  IT Staffing Firm- IT Staffing Philadelphia- InSourcedevelop a “we’ll make do” attitude due to the lack of time or resources for acquiring top talent to fill vacant positions. When you’re looking to acquire staff, it’s essential that your organization has a well-developed plan for recruiting, screening, training and retaining staff. While there are costs associated with acquiring and retaining highly qualified and top performing staff, we believe it’s money well invested in the health and growth of your organization.


If you are an organization in need of IT staffing services, contact us today to find out how InSource can expand your IT team with top talent and ServiceNow training.
If you are a technology worker seeking employment, please visit our careers page to see a full list of the positions we are looking to place.


Some content in this blog, authored by Dr. John Sullivan, originally appeared in The Fordyce Letter.

Women In Technology ServiceNow Event

Join InSource and ServiceNow for our upcoming Women in Technology event. Come sip cocktails and network with fellow women in technology and learn how to better consumerize the employee experience with the HR ServiceNow Application.

Women in Technology Agenda:

  • 4:00 – 4:30 – Networking and Cocktails
  • 4:30 – 5:00 – ServiceNow HR Presentation
  • 5:00 – 6:00 – Networking and Appetizers

ServiceNow Partner Event- Upcoming ServiceNow Events- InSource

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Location: Stonebriar Country Club
5050 Country Club Drive
Frisco, TX 75034

ServiceNow Administrator Training Course

Accelerate Adoption of the ServiceNow Platform Within Your Enterprise

Are you preparing to go live with your ServiceNow Implementation?

Have you recently gone live but feel the need for further training?

Our 3-day certified instructor led interactive training course is designed for individuals who will be responsible for administering ServiceNow instances.

Our ServiceNow Admin training course includes:

  • Hands-on Lessons
  • Foundation-Based Lectures
  • Group Discussions
  • A Comprehensive Learning Experience

Attendees will be provisioned their own individual instance that will be available for 2 additional days after training ends to allow for plenty of review time and reflection on learning. The class material is delivered by ServiceNow, ensuring up-to-date content and a certification path.

ServiceNow Admin Training Course Agenda:

Day One:
Core Configuration, User Administration & Data Management and Reporting
Day Two:
Service Automation Platform & Core Application Administration
Day Three:
Ongoing Maintenance & Case Study

For more information on the course agenda, visit here. 

Register for Our August ServiceNow Admin Training CourseServiceNow Partner Event- Upcoming ServiceNow Events- InSource

Cost: $1,999.00
When: August 29- August 31, 2017
9am- 5pm
Where: New Horizons Computer Learning Center
150 W. John Carpenter Fwy.
Suite 100
Irving, TX. 75039

Register for Our December ServiceNow Admin Training CourseServiceNow Partner Event- Upcoming ServiceNow Events- InSource

Cost: $1,999.00
When: December 6-  December 8, 2017
9am- 5pm
Where: New Horizons Computer Learning Center
565 E. Swedesford Rd
Suite 100
Wayne, PA. 19087

ServiceNow Express Administrator Training Course

Are you preparing to go live with your new ServiceNow Express Implementation?
Have you recently gone live but feel the need for further training?

Our exclusive ServiceNow Express Training class offers a safe, non-production environment for administrators to build confidence and increase comfort level with ServiceNow Express. Over the course of two days, trainees will build proficiency through hands-on lessons and learn a multitude of tips and tricks that will ensure maximum benefit from this platform.
Although technical in nature, this course is suited for anyone involved in the definition and design of ServiceNow Express.

ServiceNow Training Topics That Will Be Covered:
• Navigation and use of the Administrator Console
• Understanding & Configuring core Application Building Blocks – Form Fields & Layouts, Business Rules, UI Policies, Approvals, and Notifications!!
• Understanding & Configuring core User-facing Features – Branding, Homepages, Navigators, leveraging the UI
• Setting up and integrating supporting applications (CMDB & Knowledge) within ITSM
• Building a Service Catalog and configuring catalog items: Presentation, Execution Workflow, Approvals & Assignments
• Tips and Tricks addressing common stumbling blocks, methods for navigating hidden system features

Accelerate Adoption of the ServiceNow Platform Within Your Enterprise.

For more information about course topics, click here.

Register for Our September ServiceNow Express Admin Course
ServiceNow Event
Cost: $1,599
When: September 25 – September 26, 2017
9am- 4pm
Where: This is a virtual course


Register for Our November ServiceNow Express Admin Course
ServiceNow Event
Cost: $1,599
When: November 28 – November 29, 2017
9am- 4pm
Where: This is a virtual course

IT Staffing: Recruiting, Screening and Training ServiceNow Professionals

ServiceNow Training and ServiceNow Training- IT Recruitment- InSource

Successful ServiceNow implementations and integrations within organizations are dependent on ServiceNow professionals to make it a reality. However, finding qualified ServiceNow talent that meets business’ goals is often a real challenge. ServiceNow is a very niche, specific and in-demand skillset. Therefore, there isn’t a large pool of idle candidates on demand.

As a ServiceNow Gold Services Partner, we understand the need for recruiting, employing and expanding top ServiceNow talent within your organization. With the industry shortage of talent, obtaining ServiceNow professionals can be a challenge. Here’s our tips for recruiting, screening and training ServiceNow professionals.

Top ServiceNow Staffing Qualifications

When recruiting top ServiceNow candidates, it’s important to outline the specific IT Recruitment- Recruiting ServiceNow Professionals - InSource skills, qualities and characteristics you’re looking for them to possess. The ServiceNow platform is continuously advancing and improving, so you’ll want to recruit talent that is motivated and eager to learn what the next release entails. Here are some insider tactics for recruiting top talent:

  • Partnering with select universities to provide the required talent: establish a relationship with on-campus presence and a regular pipeline of required skills and future skills
  • Offer current employee incentives to refer and place talent: $x, xxx for each referral with an additional $x, xxx if the person is hired
  • Develop a strong internal (perhaps externally sourced) training curriculum for existing or new employees: regularly available courses to bring employees up to speed over time on required technologies
  • Ensure the current recruiting standards are appropriately set for the level of talent required: are standards over engineered for certain positions?
  • Create a plan that ensures current talent is retained
  • Partner with a leading IT contracting firm to recruit talent: engage with one or two firms specifically to continually bring the right talent in for review and hiring

In addition to recruiting tactics, here are some essential experiences and characteristics to look for in a candidate that will help increase your organization’s capabilities within the robust ServiceNow platform.

  • ServiceNow Certifications and Accreditations are an easy way to gain insight into the candidate’s ServiceNow capabilities and skills. An individual who has invested their time and energy into obtaining certifications and accreditations is someone who adds instant value to your organization.
  • Expanded platform experience include ITOM, CSM, CMDB, Incident, Discovery, Asset, Orchestration, ServiceWatch, etc.
  • A personal ServiceNow Developer Instance
  • Ability to perform integrations and develop automations using ServiceNow Orchestration
  • Experience with JavaScript, Web Technologies (XML, HTML5, Web Services, etc.
  • Working knowledge of LDAP, VPN, SSL and other skills may be foundational to certified developers
  • Individuals who are active within the ServiceNow community. Candidates who regularly attend SNUG (User Groups) and stays up to date on their Slack channels, Twitter feed, news, etc. shows a desire for learning and staying in the know.
  • A deep passion and devotion for the ServiceNow platform

With ServiceNow staffing, hiring leaders must have the ability to accurately assess the candidate’s understanding of the platform beyond their resume and certifications. Ideally, your goal should be to find a candidate who possesses all of the above skills and traits. If not, use your best judgment. The key factor is having a structured viewpoint of your organization’s goals for ServiceNow, methodologies, and processes. Without that, you’re risking your a costly hiring mistake.

Screening Process for ServiceNow Staffing

Now that you’ve obtained a talent pool of qualified prospects, it’s essential to make sure they are a good fit for your organization. Having a thoroughServiceNow Staffing- IT Staffing Firm- InSource screening process for hiring new employees can be the difference between finding the best possible candidate and making a costly, poor hiring decision. While technical proficiency is a great starting point for deciding if a candidate will work for your team, you’ll also want to make sure you find an individual capable of taking concepts or goals and developing them into plans that will work within your organization. The screening process for ServiceNow staffing should confirm the candidate’s qualifications.

At InSource, our mission is to not only to find the most qualified candidate but also one who are the best fit for your organization’s culture, needs and goals through a thorough screening process. Some aspects of our screening process include:

  • Create a proficiency model to measure both hard and soft skills, from technical capabilities to proactive thinking and resourcefulness.
  • Conduct a technical skill set assessment challenge to test their ability to think on their feet and work within your team. Also, this will help gauge the proficiency of their expertise.
  • In-person interviews are often an easy way to assess how a candidate will fit within your organization via nonverbal cues like eye contact, expressions, and gestures.
  • Consider obtaining internal team input
  • Reference checks can be critical as they provide insight into how a candidate has performed in the past and how they may perform.

Armed with clear specifications for the candidate you are looking for, along with the opinions of your team will provide strong standards for identifying the best possible ServiceNow professional for achieving your business goals. Partnering with InSource for ServiceNow staffing allows you access to top qualified talent in the industry who can make a long-term positive impact on your organization.

Improving ServiceNow Skills Through Training

While our thorough recruiting process should produce a team of top quality  candidates, further training and experienced may be necessary. The key to maintaining and growing top ServiceNow talent is to keep skills sharp and continuously advancing.

Here are two ways you can improve your employee’s ServiceNow Skills:

  • Embrace continuous learning and internal development within your company culture. ServiceNow is constantly evolving and advancing causing skills to become stale if not continually updating quickly.
  • Provide further ServiceNow training opportunities for your employees. At InSource, we’ve developed relevant, convenient and cost-effective hands-on ServiceNow training methods can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs, goals and values. Our hands-on, interactive training courses will empower your team with the necessary knowledge and skills to improve overall productivity and efficiency. ServiceNow training programs provide a safe, non-production environment to develop a detailed understanding of concepts including administration and configuration to Fulfiller process and end user training. Check out our upcoming ServiceNow training courses

If you are an organization in need of ServiceNow talent and IT staffing services, contact us today to find out how InSource can expand your IT team with top talent and ServiceNow training.

If you are a technology worker seeking employment, please visit our careers page to see a full list of the positions we are looking to place.

ServiceNow Integration Specialist

ServiceNow Integration Specialist will be responsible for developing and handling administration and configuration of ServiceNow. ServiceNow Integration Specialist will provide customizations including screen tailoring, workflow administration, report setup, data imports, LDAP integration, and custom scripting. ServiceNow Integration Specialist will be responsible for understanding and translating business requirements as needed and implementing new functionality. ServiceNow Integration Specialist will be responsible for working with Web Services, SOAP, REST, APIs and integrations.

ServiceNow Integration Specialist


  •       5+ years of design and implementation of ITSM platforms
  •       3+ years of ServiceNow experience
  •       MUST have experience with 2+ ServiceNow implementations
  •       Experience with Web Services including Rest, SOAP, WCF
  •       Experience with XML, AJAX
  •       Experience with JavaScript and JavaScript libraries
  •       Experience with integrations using JDBC or ODBC
  •       Experience with client specific reporting, integration components
  •       Effective communication skills, communicate cross-functionally
  •       MUST be specialized in one or more of the following ServiceNow modules: Incident, CMDB, Discovery, Asset, Service Catalog, Orchestration, MGT, ServiceWatch


ServiceNow Administrator

ServiceNow Administrator


Job Summary:

We are looking for a dynamic ServiceNow Administrator to support and develop in an expanding ServiceNow environment. You will perform day to day support and maintenance, work with the functional team to develop solutions in ServiceNow and coordinate support and development efforts within the admin team.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • General support, administration and maintenance of ServiceNow platform and associated applications.
  • Work closely with ServiceNow functional team to build requested items and tasks using workflows to manage processes from the customer to the fulfillment teams.
  • Working closely with ServiceNow functional team, configure and improve core and custom applications.
  • Work directly with end users to resolve support issues within ServiceNow.
  • Monitor health, usage and overall compliance of ServiceNow and its applications.
  • Develop systems integrations and process automation
  • Create and configure Business Rules, UI Policies, UI Actions, Client Scripts and ACLs including advanced scripting of each.
  • Create and configure Notifications, UI pages, UI Macros, Script Includes, Formatters, etc. in ServiceNow
  • Configuring and managing Discovery and Orchestration
  • Coordinate application and platform upgrades
  • Load, manipulate and maintain data between Service-now and other systems
  • Create ServiceNow reports and dashboards
  • Flexibility to work with a variety of personalities and styles
  • Team Player
  • Must be a self-starter and keen to explore new solutions


Educational Requirements:

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, a similar technical discipline or comparable experience
  • ServiceNow System Administrator Certification
  • ITIL V3 Foundation Certification preferred

 Required Skills/Experience:

  • 2+ years ServiceNow administration in an enterprise environment.
  • Experience configuring ServiceNow Discovery
  • Must be technically savvy and able to design and build applications that meet business goals and objectives
  • Proven experience implementing and customizing a web architected, n-tiered enterprise application
  • Familiar with Service Oriented architecture and web services integration (SOAP, WSDL, REST)
  • Experience with JavaScript, XML, HTML
  • Familiar with LDAP, MS Active Directory, ADFS
  • Integration (interfacing) of enterprise software systems
  • Experience creating ServiceNow update sets, promoting and testing through multiple instances and into production.



Engagement Manager

Engagement Manager

InSource, Inc., a Master Solutions Partner of ServiceNow, the global leader in IT Service Management (ITSM), is seeking an Engagement Manager (EM) to coordinate the execution and implementation of customer ITSM deployments.  The selected candidate will have the opportunity to put their project management skills to the test in a creative and fast paced environment.  An Engagement Manager is accountable for all facets of the project lifecycle and relationship management with the project stakeholders.  Each EM is responsible for overseeing a portfolio of projects.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Leading a matrix team of resources in the requirements gathering, design, testing, and successful deployment of ITSM solutions
  • Execute a wide range of process activities beginning with the project ramp up, requirements and design through development, test, final delivery, and production
  • Leading a team in initiating, planning, controlling, executing, and closing tasks of the project to produce the required deliverables
  • Assembling project teams, assigning individual responsibilities, identifying appropriate resources needed, and developing schedule to ensure timely completion of projects
  • Drive application development and implementation of creating a systems solution that satisfies the client’s business processes and requirements
  • Contributing to the overall direction of the project and strategy
  • Managing projects and deadlines in anticipation of customer needs and requirements
  • Reporting status and progress on a timely basis along with active management of project issues, risks and dependencies
  • Foreseeing potential business or technical issues within the project and addressing them before they become problems
  • Acting as a change agent on matters that affect the project; helping to identify and eliminate barriers and offering ideas to resolve problems
  • Consistently seeing through complexity and detail to get to the critical issues at hand
  • Serving as the primary resource and coordinator for other employees within the project team
  • Delivering messages, both verbally and in writing, that are clear and concise
  • Overseeing various systems projects of a complex nature
  • Interfacing with other functional areas and managing the project with decisions often impacting several functional areas
  • Provide task direction to project staff when appropriate

Skills and Requirements

  • Excellent communication
  • Impeccable time-management and record keeping
  • A strong personal commitment to quality service
  • A positive can-do attitude & willingness to learn
  • The ability to work independently and with a team
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience + approximately 5+ years’ directly related experience in IT solution delivery experience including time as a project team lead or technical project manager
  • Proficiency in the use of a Project Management/Resource Planning applications
  • Experience working on and managing projects with direct client exposure
  • Must possess excellent written, verbal and presentation skills
  • Strong analytical skills, including the ability to grasp the “big picture”
  • Must be action oriented, capable of independently solving complex problems and able to communicate clearly and effectively to both technical and business audiences
  • Must have demonstrated success in project management
  • Knowledge of enterprise system software solutions and the integration of business process design to final solution
  • Proven ability to master and apply knowledge of application technology and strategies to support the client’s deployment and help them achieve their business goals and objectives
  • Practical knowledge of phased system developments and lifecycle
  • Ability to manage multiple complex projects
  • Ability to effectively manage medium size teams (10-20)
  • Ability to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing to all levels of management and staff
  • Ability to work successfully across organizational lines and influence outcomes



ServiceNow Implementation Specialist

InSource is a Master Solutions ServiceNow partner, a global IT management leader, and a leader in IT staffing management. We are currently seeking a ServiceNow Implementation Specialist to provide support and services for our current and existing clients. The chosen candidate will have expertise in using the ServiceNow application as well as in installing and maintaining ServiceNow implementations. This position will provide the candidate with multiple opportunities to test their own technical skill in a fast-paced, creative, and highly demanding environment. The ServiceNow Implementation Specialist communicates directly with the client’s System Administrator and associated IT personnel and will be responsible for managing accounts for multiple clients simultaneously.

ServiceNow Implementation Specialist Duties:

  • Providing customization of client’s ServiceNow implementations, assisting with ServiceNow application integration, LDAP and workflow administration, data imports and analysis, third party integration, and developing custom scripting implementations.
  • Responding to technical and ServiceNow application configuration queries
  • Facilitating and managing application and module rollout
  • Facilitating and managing patches and other maintenance functions
  • Developing technical documents from business requirements
  • Implementing and managing new functionality on an on-going basis

This is a highly technical role that requires the selected candidate to interface with IT administrators and personnel at all levels. Additional requirements include:

  • Excellent command of the English language and technical communication
  • High-level time-management and records management abilities
  • Ability to translate complex technical documents into shipping code
  • Personal commitment to providing high levels of quality assurance
  • Positive attitude with ability and willingness to learn new skills on the job
  • Ability to work independently and with a team

Job Requirements:

To be considered for this position, candidates should possess a strong understanding of enterprise IT technologies, have a B.A. in Computer Science or equivalent experience, and have a minimum of 3 years experience with the following:

  • Common Web Technologies such as XML, AJAX, SOAP, JavaScript, REST
  • Common Web Applications, Networks, Protocols, and Frameworks
  • Common Email Protocols such as SMTP and POP3
  • A Basic Understanding of the Fundamentals of Relational Databases

Additional Experience in the following areas are preferred:

  • Experience Administering and Maintaining LDAP directories
  • Using and Implementing Single Sign-On Technology such as Digested Token and SAML
  • Integrating Web Services
  • Additional experience with the ServiceNow application, or with ServiceNow implementation is a major bonus