Who Benefits and Gains Value from ITAM_

Who Benefits and Gains Value from ITAM?

When implemented correctly, ITAM benefits everyone in a company. This is especially true for IT Leaders, Business Stakeholders, End-Users. 

Who benefits and gains value from ITAM? 

When ITAM is used in the correct way, it can have far-reaching and significant benefits.  The most notable is better inventory control, increased ease of collaboration between employees, reduced equipment downtime, reduced costs, lower rates of theft or product misplacement, reduced IT support, and increased scalability.  Due to the diversity of the advantages that ITAM brings to an organization, a wide variety of personnel reap ITAM benefits including IT leaders, stakeholders, end-users, and the company as a whole. 

How IT Leaders Benefit from ITAM 

One of ITAM’s benefits is that it allows for more accurate and efficient asset and inventory tracking.  IT staff have numerous tasks to complete at any given time and sometimes inventory tracking can fall by the wayside. ITAM functions to identify, classify, and track assets across multiple vendors. This allows IT leaders to make more informed decisions about what inventory looks like at a given time. Ultimately, this saves IT leaders time. Additionally, ITAM creates an organized channel for communication about inventory and company assets.  This ITAM benefit enables IT leaders to communicate with other employees more effectively.

How Business Stakeholders Benefit from ITAM

Business stakeholders reap ITAM benefits because ITAM implemented properly can increase the visibility of a company’s performance, cut costs, and boost profits. Stakeholders can have access to more accurate records of assets and investment because ITAM gives companies better inventory control. ITAM benefits also include reduced equipment downtimes which maximize return on investment and reduces service and maintenance costs by automating previously manual processes. This increased efficiency translates to increased profits and higher returns for stakeholders.

How End-Users Benefit from ITAM

ITAM benefits end-users as well as companies and employees.  Utilizing ITAM correctly means that incidents can be resolved more quickly due to the ease of communication between employees and efficient inventory and asset tracking. With ITAM it’s possible to set up a list of hardware and software assets, or service catalog, for end-users.  With this list, you can also link services to end-users so that when end-users contact the IT service staff, all relevant hardware and software assets are at the fingertips of the employee resolving the incident.  This means faster service for the end-user.

How a company benefits from ITAM

Companies benefit immensely from ITAM because a company’s success is measured by the satisfaction of its stakeholders, employees, and end-users.  ITAM helps a company improve satisfaction by cutting unnecessary costs like those for lost or stolen assets and making the job of IT staff easier and more enjoyable through organized communication and reduced stress and workload.  ITAM benefits companies by improving the organization’s efficiency.  By giving complete control of the IT environment through asset traceability, ITAM improves administrative accountability. Understanding how and where costs can be cut and untapped resources can be utilized, companies can grow.  ITAM increases a company’s scalability by making it easier to assign assets or tasks to employees even when numbers of staff may be changing. 

InSource can help implement ITAM correctly  

InSource is an Elite ServiceNow partner which specializes in ITAM implementation. ITAM can improve how your company manages IT assets, contracts, finances, and even risk management.  ITAM benefits every single department in business because of today’s technological environment which makes technology essential at every level of an organization.

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