What is ServiceNow ITBM?

What is ServiceNow SPM?

ServiceNow SPM (Strategic Portfolio Management) is a suite of tools designed to increase the financial and logistical visibility within the business so leaders can map the costs of IT and business services.  This increased visibility allows IT departments to cut costs, improve efficiency, and align themselves with the overall goals of the business.  

Why Do Businesses Need ServiceNow SPM?

With ServiceNow SPM a business can improve the effectiveness of their project management, demand management, and programs all while balancing the availability of resources.  SPM from ServiceNow integrates solutions from Cost Transparency, to Project Portfolio Management. Utilizing ServiceNow SPM solutions, businesses can leverage data and analytic metrics to improve the visibility of business services and drive cost savings.  These functions are needed when a business is trying to manage demands or projects such as Agile, Waterfall, or Scrum projects.  

ServiceNow SPM Solutions Benefits


ServiceNow has several products and modules for SPM that are designed to accomplish your SPM goals. 

Project Portfolio Management:  Having a project strategy and executing that strategy are essential competencies for the success and growth of a business.  ServiceNow’s SPM solution of PPM helps you complete projects according to plan while minimizing risk. This product can improve your business performance and advance your current capabilities by ensuring your projects are within budget, completed on time, and use appropriate resources. 

Demand Management: Running a business can be chaotic and overwhelming at times with the amount of both business and IT demands.  This SPM tool from ServiceNow consolidates demands onto a single dashboard that assesses, manages, and forecasts demands. At the same time, the demand management system is able to balance the needs of customers.

Resource Management: Resources Management is a ServiceNow SPM solution that enables managers to construct and execute plans to address a business’ resource management requirements. By consolidating the view of staffing availability and where their allocated, project and resource managers are better able to make plans, request staff, and assign tasks. 

Cost Transparency: Businesses are constantly trying to increase profits and cut costs in order to improve efficiency.  This SPM solution from ServiceNow provides business leaders with visibility into service costs for projects, applications, and infrastructure. By understanding the costs of business services, organization leaders are better able to make decisions regarding investments. 

Agile Development: Businesses can accelerate development with this ServiceNow SPM solution including steps from inception through deployment.  By improving visibility, leaders can manage and report development cycles to teams.

Performance Analytics: The best measure of a successful business will always be customer satisfaction, but businesses must also be profitable.  Performance Analytics SPM tool from ServiceNow, business leaders can gain access to key metrics and data which will enable them to proactively improve business services and maximize customer satisfaction while retaining or improving efficiency.

How InSource Can Improve your SPM?

InSource provides full service, experienced Technology Consultants who are expert ServiceNow Professionals.  InSource staff has a detailed and complete understanding of how to align IT departments with business goals using the ServiceNow platform.  InSource understands that implementing a ServiceNow SPM solution can potentially be an overwhelming and difficult task. However, because InSource is a ServiceNow Elite Implementation Partner, InSource is able to work with businesses to develop complete ITBM solutions using ServiceNow SPM products.  Implementation of end-to-end SPM solutions with ServiceNow staff guidance and resources creates a smooth transition for businesses looking to align the IT department’s needs with the overall goals of the business.  

If you are an organization in need of SPM services from ServiceNow, contact us today!

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