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What are the 3 types of flexible IT Staffing Services InSource provides and how are they different?

InSource aims to provide your organization with expert teams of ServiceNow professionals who can increase your organization’s efficiency through their high level of understanding of IT alignment in the business environment.  You can hire certified ServiceNow professionals using InSource staffing services. InSource is committed to delivering the best quality ServiceNow professionals to meet your staffing needs so that you never have to worry about being understaffed, miss deadlines, or stifle the growth of your organization.  ServiceNow staff are skilled in ITIL and the ServiceNow platform. Not only does InSource serve organizations of all sizes, but our qualified consultants also provide several staffing options to fit the needs of all organizations. Keep reading to understand the different staffing options InSource provides and which one is the best fit for you. 


Contract staffing is when an organization hires IT professionals for a set amount of time for specific projects or assignments.  Staff is employed by InSource and so your organization is not responsible for paying salary or benefits. Contract staffing is useful for organizations that have variable and sometimes unpredictable workloads due to downturns in the economy, project or assignment type work, seasonal peaks in business, or other short-term needs like maternity leaves. 


Contract-to-hire staffing is not quite as temporary as contract staffing, but not as permanent as direct staffing.  Contract-to-hire staffing allows an organization to have employees prove that they are competent, capable, and a good fit before committing to hiring them. Basically contract-to-hire is like a test run where the staff member is an employee of InSource for a predetermined amount of time.  At the end of this period, the organization has the option to hire a staff member. Although the process moves quickly, it requires more detailed contracts between the organization and the staff. Expectations should be clearly outlined such as how a staff member will be evaluated, what feedback will be given, and how the transition from an employee of InSource to an employee of the organization will work.  Once an offer has been made to the staff member, payroll and other benefits will be transferred from InSource to the organization. Contract-to-hire staffing is great for talent who are looking to find the best company culture to fit with their work style or want to negotiate their salary and benefits based on their work performance. It also benefits organizations that may have uncertainty in workload and need flexibility, are looking for the perfect fit and would benefit from a trial period or need a quick onboarding process due to time constraints.  

Direct hire

InSource also provides a direct-hire staffing option.  An organization benefits from direct hire staffing when they have long-term staffing needs.  Staff who are direct hires are usually full-time and have their salary and benefits paid for by the organization.  Although InSource is the recruiting agency and helps streamline the hiring process, InSource is not the employer. Once an offer has been made by the organization and accepted by the talent, the talent is added to the organization’s payroll.  The direct hire staffing process is a little slower than contract and contract-to-hire staffing options because it’s important the organization takes its time when making this kind of staffing decision. Direct hires are more permanent and so an organization should be sure that the candidate is qualified for the position and is a good fit for the organization’s culture.    

Why Choose InSource for IT Staffing Services? 

For over two decades, we have been recognized as a leader in IT Staffing serving organizations both large and small. Our staffing services consist of one main motivation: to instill confidence in an organization’s IT department by making information-technology a genuine asset builder. Our experienced consultants are highly trained and ready to help out your organization.

If you are an organization in need of ServiceNow talent and IT staffing services, contact us today to find out how InSource can expand your IT team with top talent and ServiceNow training.

If you are a technology worker seeking employment, please visit our careers page to see a full list of the positions we are looking to place.


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