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What You Need to Know About the ServiceNow Istanbul Release

Last month, ServiceNow released their latest product update Istanbul. Just as with every ServiceNow release, Istanbul offers new exciting capabilities across multiple ServiceNow products and platforms. ServiceNow uses new releases as an opportunity to implement customer enhancement requests and add new features, while improving on functionality. ServiceNow’s focus with the Istanbul upgrade was on advancing and expanding the capabilities within the Service Portal and mobile functionality, along with other additional platform features.

ServiceNow Istanbul Features:

ServiceNow Istanbul Release- Istanbul Upgrade- InSource


What does the release of Istanbul mean for your current version?

ServiceNow fully supports the current and two previous family releases, as well as any interim hot fixes and patch releases. If your organization is currently working on Fuji or earlier, your support may be disappearing, which means it’s time to think about an upgrade.

Interested in upgrading to Istanbul?

Here’s quick overview of the big three new functions:
Greater B2C Support, More HR Autonomy, Simplified Testing

  1. Customer Service Management for B2C Support
    Within the Istanbul release, ServiceNow rolled out an updated data model and Customer Service Management (CSM) for Business-to-Consumer (BSC) specific needs.
    The updated features include:
  • Anonymous and Routed Chats- eliminates registration requirement and captures details for fast routing.
  • A New Customer Service Portal- includes self-service and individual registration
  • Advanced Case Assignment- provides case assignment based upon dictated rules to speed up resolution
  • Tracking Support for Orders and Defects

2. HR Service Management
With Istanbul, HR Service Management becomes a scoped application, which provides the separation of user data from the main platform. The upgrade enables HR team members access to be admins for the HR Service Management platform. Ultimately, increasing HR Admins self-sufficiency for development without IT involvement. Other HR Service Management upgrades includes:

  • Lifecycle Event Model- displayed services based on life events of employees.
  • Case Management Optimization- allows the addition of fulfillment instructions by case.

3. New Automated Testing Framework
ServiceNow users can accelerate delivery by creating, saving and running automated tests to ensure functionality prior to deployment.

If you are thinking it’s time to upgrade to Istanbul, or are interested in learning more about what this upgrade entails, contact us today for more information!

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