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SPM Capabilities that Scale with your Business

ServiceNow’s Strategic Portfolio Management can help you grow your business with smart, intuitive, packages with scalable project portfolio management and other capabilities. SPM implementation enables your business to grow by identifying the changing needs of your business and providing a navigable framework to meet goals. 

Performance Analytics

ServiceNow’s SPM Performance Analytics package allows you to analyze trends with KPIs, real-time data visibility, and an immersive analysis studio. Using these tools, you can track the performance of your business and identify areas that need improvement as well as find potential bottlenecks before they escalate. Additionally, you can see where resources are being overloaded and can be diverted to other areas. This may even be able to be done automatically through SPM performance analytics by identifying automation and self-service where it could be most beneficial for business efficiency. Overall, KPIs and analytics will help your business scale appropriately and guide service improvements.

Demand Management

With the ServiceNow demand Management SPM package, businesses can capture, assess, and manage demands from the business in one easy to navigate interface. The Demand Workbench displays bubble charts, fast demand scoring, and comparisons. End-to-end demand pipeline analysis and timeline visualization are possible through the demand manager dashboard. Both tools help businesses understand overall demand so that they can prioritize and align resources to match growth. This is possible through the optimization of the demand process which includes scoring and prioritization of demands.  Even demands in the future for products and services can be forecasted using these SPM tools. 

Resource Management 

ServiceNow SPM implementation includes a resource management package that allows businesses to see staff availability, staff allocation, and capacity for work. The resource management package includes access to the resource allocation workbench which displays resource requests and allocations. The resource management app allows you to create a resource plan and then make a resource report, detailing the long-term planned resource utilization. This SPM implementation lets you see resource availability information in real-time and consolidates functions to one system. With resource management, you can deliver pertinent resource information to every app, use calendars and schedules, and access a timesheet portal. 

Innovation Management 

New ideas are the lifeblood of a successful and growing business. You can find and collect new ideas from across your organization in one location using ServiceNow’s Resource Management SPM package. By collecting innovative ideas in a single location, submitters and reviewers are able to keep track of ideas, and others can be inspired and encouraged to submit ideas of their own. Features like voting, collaboration, and task creation help engage employees in the idea submission process and promote a culture of innovative collaboration. 

Contact InSource today to find out more about SPM solutions.  SPM implementation allows you to create work plans, predict shortcomings, and prioritize work, all while aligning your efforts with the overall business objectives despite the rapidly changing business environment.

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