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IT Challenges Solved by ServiceNow SPM

ServiceNow’s Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) offers distinctive solutions to solve the challenges of IT and add value to any organization.

Challenges Facing IT

The world of Information and Technology is rapidly changing with advances in capabilities and shifts in the economy that shuffle business priorities.  Keeping up with these changes can be challenging, but doing so is imperative to the success of a business. In 2020 one of the main challenges facing IT is how to add value to the business. This is especially important because IT departments also struggle with budget constraints and incur costs associated with developing, managing, and administering IT infrastructure. What’s more, it’s difficult to predict the return on value for these costs. In turn, it’s a challenge to portray to other departments the value that’s brought to the business by IT. 

How ServiceNow SPM Solves these IT Challenges

ServiceNow SPM addresses the IT challenges mentioned above by resolving the core issue which is the missing connection between the sometimes burdensome costs of IT to the value it adds to businesses. ServiceNow SPM is a comprehensive system that integrates IT with business processes to drive corporate success.  To tackle IT challenges, IT departments must run more like businesses, focus on strategy, prioritize customer service, and make value-based decisions. By pivoting to the ITBM style, managers can succinctly articulate the return of value for costs of IT infrastructure as well as return on investment. With ServiceNow SPM, pain points can be identified so that solutions can be implemented for poor performance or inefficient cost management. These solutions can easily be aligned with overall business goals to help managers make better decisions and increase profits. This is because ServiceNow SPM aids the IT team in understanding the most effective ways to invest in order to support overall goals, gaining visibility into business demand and financials, aligning IT and business goals, and optimizing app portfolios through specific SPM applications.

ServiceNow SPM Applications for IT Management 

ServiceNow SPM can tackle the biggest IT challenges by implementing a collection of applications. Through the demand management application, ServiceNow SPM consolidates strategic and operational demands so that they can be assessed in a centralized location. The resource management application helps IT professionals request resources, make resource plans, and see what resources are available or being used at a given time. The project portfolio management application tracks projects and programs from beginning to end while application portfolio management tracks applications and their impact on the budget. Test management implements tools for manually testing software. The agile development application presents solutions to the planning and management of release and sprints using agile methodologies. The financial charging application falls under financial management and supports the financial reporting service. The financial planning application helps to plan, manage, and perform budgeting services. Lastly, a financial modeling application facilitates automated allocations. 

InSource SPM Implementation and Management Expert

Contact InSource, a ServiceNow Elite Partner, today to talk to a qualified ServiceNow SPM implementation and management expert. They can help you start, or expand your ServiceNow platform for your business so you can address the challenges of IT. With ServiceNow SPM, you can solve IT challenges and be on your way to higher efficiency, more security, increased productivity, and happier customers.

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