ServiceNow Workflow Automation Success- ServiceNow Partner- InSource

InSource Helps Cox Automotive Automate Core Processes to Improve Efficiency and Safety Compliance

ServiceNow Workflow Automation Success- ServiceNow Partner- InSource

About Cox Automotive

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Cox Automotive, a business unit of Cox Enterprises, is one of the largest US privately owned companies spanning across the media, broadband communications and automotive verticals. With over 34k employees and yearly revenue of 7.4B, Cox Automotives’ business units are divided into five groups. The recognizable brands of Cox Auto are Autotrader, Kelly Blue Book, and Manheim Auctions. Through Manheim Auctions, Cox Auto touches three out of four cars in the US.




  • One of the largest US privately owned companies spanning across media, communications, and automotive verticals, Manheim Auctions touches three out of four cars in the US.
  • Restructuring inefficient manual data process for safety compliance and site scores
  • ServiceNow Workflow Automation Platform was chosen for data enrichment and mobility functions
  • Instantaneous scores and reports improve safety compliance and better use of resources
  • Stakeholders and executives value visibility of data and reporting

The Challenge

 Safety Compliance

The North American auction facilities have a footprint of 120 locations, each of which having multiple departments such as Body Shop, Detailing, Mechanic Shop, Logistics and the Auction areas. A team consisting of four people​ called ASMs have the goal of ensuring compliance with OSHA and other internal and external processes, along with remediating issues if needed, across all locations. Employees across various locations were not following safety procedures, ultimately putting themselves and their vendors at risk with zero accountability.

In addition to the lack of compliance with employees, ASMs were forced to battle with people in order to make changes as the physical conditions of the sites were not compliant. Ultimately, the ASMs lacked engagement of the leadership on the local levels.

Manual Data Processes with Limited Resources

With only four ASMs, it was nearly impossible for them to visit all location’s departments as required as they could only visit a single facility two times a year. Consolidating and compiling data for facility scores was a long, painful and an inefficient manual process which utilized Excel sheets and emails. Taking roughly 90 days to compile data, ASMs were often remediating safety compliance problems that no longer existed.

Lack of Visibility and Accountability

At the local, regional and corporate level, visibility and accountability was non-existing. Data compiling was a long, manual process, which lacked transparency and process owners.

Our Solution

Workflow Automation Platform

Through ServiceNow’s Workflow Automation platform, InSource was able to create a custom mechanism for data compiling and facility score processes, by leveraging data updated through various stages such as location and users. With the automated platform, ASMs can submit requests triggering notifications to to all shop leader personnel so that surveys can start immediately.

Mobile Capabilities

By providing Cox with mobile capabilities, employees are now able to receive and send notifications and approvals from anywhere including iPads or phones right at the sites. The simple user interface of the ServiceNow platform reduced the fear of use, ultimately resulting in a high input of information.


The safety application provided the necessary visibility into who started the checklist, its progress and enforced a completion timeline, which results in increased completion rates and allowed scores to be generated immediately. The visibility provided stakeholders a single destination for robust real-time reporting and facility score trending via performance analytics.


The integration of the ServiceNow platform was a catalyst for Cox’s employees to have regular conversations about safety, as well as shifted their behaviors to focus on safety compliance. The solution was able to get the auction involved in safety compliance at the local level rather than just the small ASM team.

In addition, the time required to complete surveys was reduced from one day to 30 minutes, as well as the time to generate a site score decreased from 90 days to immediately.

In less than six months after going live, InSource’s solution was able to eliminate two basis points of worker’s comp claims that averaged 10k per claim, which translates to a cost avoidance of $2.3M annually.

The solution provided stakeholders visualization of the process and outcomes, as well as heightened awareness at the executive level as they became more engaged in the incident rate in accordance with OSHA standards.

As a result of InSource’s solutions, Manheim Auction is looking to add 30 more locations that will require evaluation as well. With a total investment of 75k in licensing and services fees, Manheim Auction has received over 2,000% ROI.

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