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ServiceNow CSM- How to Improve Customer Service- InSourceIn today’s world of viral news, social media, and global communications, the value of customer service could not be higher.  It only takes one social share of a terrible customer experience to have a huge impact on sales and your company reputation.

Organizations are also learning that it is not only the customer service department that is in the direct line of the customer – the entire organization is now often part of the true customer experience.  Measures like NPS are being used to globally track your customer service experience, but other ratings in today’s market like a product rating on Amazon can have a huge impact.
You are probably realizing some of these challenges and many more if you are taking time to read this amazing blog.

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Common Business Challenges for Customer Service Management

  • Inconsistent & frustrating customer experiences
  • Low CSAT, Lost Revenue, Churn, Tarnished Brand
  • Customer care & support on different systems
  • Higher costs, missed SLA’s, complicated operations
  • No closed-loop feedback
  • Information is disjointed, poor visibility & control

The stakes have never been higher.  Even one experience can lose a customer that may have taken months or years to acquire.  According to a recent American Express survey, “More than half of Americans have scrapped a planned purchase or transaction because of bad service, and 33 percent say they’ll consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor service.”

Providing a truly omni-channel experience for service and support to your external customers and partners is paramount.  An organization must service these stakeholders through communication channels such as web, email, chat, telephone, and social media. Cases must be created as needed and routed seamlessly to available customer service agents with the necessary skill sets.  These cases must also be accessible and assignable for immediate response from the entire organization through transparent routing.  This must all be done with complete auditing and metrics tracking for continuous improvement.

So, I have you convinced?? … and you want to convince your organization to move to the next level in customer service.  How can you go about making a signification change to customer service?  Let’s explore how to go about it….

First, what are some of the key benefits that can produce a real and significant ROI?  What can you quantify to create the business case to take it to the next level?

From our experience, driving your organization to be a customer centric, Digital organization operating on a modern cloud based, configuration driven, fully automated, omni-channel platform, powered by AI (artificial intelligence) can achieve rapid results (that was a mouthful!).

Some of the key benefits for modern Customer Service Management (CSM) include:

Reduce Costs

  • Proactive Prevention of Calls
  • Connect Teams & Departments to Resolve Issues Faster
  • Effortless Experience for Support Teams

Increase Revenue

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve Customer Retention & Loyalty
  • Fortify Company Brand

Mitigate Risk & Improve Compliance

  • Consistent Processes
  • Enforce Company Policies
  • Auditable Activity

Once you have your benefits defined and can provide a meaningful high-level ROI plan, you can move to outlining your specific initiative goals.  This is taking it to the next level and will force you to get specific on what your project should accomplish.

I. Define Your Goals


Provide effortless customer service across any channel at any time.


Encourage customers to help themselves with a self-service catalog, knowledge base, social Q&A, and portal.


Proactively monitor customers’ products and services and take action on potential issues and outages.


Connect customer service with engineering, field service, finance, and other teams to drive accountability for resolution.


Fix underlying issues to eliminate calls, drive knowledge base content changes, pre-emptively notify customers, and act on trends revealed in Performance Analytics.


Lean on an implementation team with industry knowledge and platform expertise.


Stick to a well-defined project plan schedule to ensure goals are met.

II. Where to Begin

InSource- ServiceNow Customer Service Managment- ServiceNow CSM

Step 1: Initiate
Step 2: Design
Step 3: Configure & Test
Step 4: Go-Live

I said it before, and I am going to say it again.  To be competitive in today’s marketplace, you need to be a true customer centric, Digital organization operating on a modern cloud-based, configuration driven, fully automated, omni-channel platform, powered by AI (sounds easy, huh?).

How ServiceNow and InSource Can Improve Your Customer Service

Want to learn more about how we are helping organizations every day to do this using ServiceNow’s powerful platform and InSource’s implementation services to connect Customer Service to solve issues faster? To see these techniques in action, contact us today!

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