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Strategic IT Recruiting: Positioning Your Company and Job Description for the Perfect Candidate

Currently, the unemployment rates for many IT positions are very low. For many IT positions the demand exceeds the supply, which means hiring top tech talent for your organization won’t be getting easier anytime soon. We see strong demand across the marketplace for technology expertise, including Application Developers. With such high demand for development talent and so much “noise” in the market place from hiring companies and IT staffing companies, unless you have a personal connection or come in contact with a developer at the perfect time, chances are your outreach messages will get lost in the mix or fall onto deaf ears. Getting the attention and sparking the interest of qualified prospective candidates can be a challenge, especially as it appears that tech talent views most of the available positions as interchangeable.

In addition to application developers, the skill sets that we see significant demand for are cyber security specialists, business intelligence specialists and ServiceNow implementation specialists. Top candidates who possess these skills and are experienced in these areas routinely evaluate potential employers and positions and can be difficult to impress. So, how can organizations attract and recruit top tech talent in such a competitive market? Simple, impress the best candidates, position your organization as a desirable workplace for your employees and outperform your competitors.

Selling Your Organization to the Tech Talent

In today’s fast paced, tech driven environment, developers view the technology aspect of positions as a given; it’s expected that they will work with the latest tools and updated platforms. Rather, it’s often the non-tech aspects of a position that developers are seeking.
Developers are looking for cultural fits and they’re looking for a work/life balance. What exactly does your organization offer them that most competitors can’t? Maybe it’s your location, advancement opportunities or the flexibility to work remotely. Maybe it’s your catered lunches or weekly dart tournaments.
Candidates are looking to gain as much insight about your organization as they can before they even consider your opportunity. Some key information they’re looking for answers to is:

  • What would compel a prospective employee to leave their current position to come work for your organization?
  • Why are you hiring for this position?
  • How does your organization help grow its employees within their careers?
  • What do your current employees enjoy most about your company?

In what ways does your organization make a difference, not just a profit?
While answering these questions may be simple, the tricky part is communicating the answers to potential candidates to attract their interest before the interview process starts. This is the information and insight about your company and the position that needs to be communicated in job postings to gain attention and spark interest.

Matching Tech Talent to the Position…And Company Culture to the Candidate

Your ultimate goal when filling a position should be to find the best possible candidate who truly fits your organization, not to attract the most applicants possible. While it is critical to attract top tech talent to your organization, it’s more important to find a candidate that suits your organization’s needs, and aligns well to your company’s culture.
A resume can only tell you so much about a person, for this reason, it’s important to have polished people skills and know the right questions to ask to determine if a candidate is a good fit. Gone are the days of matching requirements and keywords from a job description to skills on a resume, instead consider recruiting by matching both the person to the position and company culture to the candidate.

How an IT Staffing Company Can Help

Recruiting, especially in the IT industry, is a developed skill that shouldn’t be treated as a secondary task by a manager or department leader, as today’s market is candidate-driven and very competitive. At InSource, our mission is to find not only the most qualified candidates but also candidates that are the best fit for your organization’s culture, needs, and goals via a thorough screening process. Our experienced and highly qualified IT staffing specialists will work with your organization to understand your needs and deliver top tech talent, ultimately saving your organization time, stress and a poor hiring decision.

If you are an organization in need of ServiceNow talent and IT staffing services, contact us today to find out how InSource can expand your IT team with top tech talent and ServiceNow training.

If you are a technology worker seeking employment, please visit our careers page to see a full list of open positions.

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