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A Short Explanation of ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) and How a Company Should Utilize its Strengths

ServiceNow is one of the most versatile business and employee management software platforms available to companies today.  With literally hundreds of functions and dozens of workflow solutions, it can be challenging to decide what your company needs and how they can get the most out of ServiceNow.  This article suggests a methodology for any company to harness the strength of the ServiceNow SPM platform.

Choose an Experienced ServiceNow Partner

The best way to maximize your ServiceNow platform is to start by collaborating with an experienced ServiceNow partner.  InSource has years of experience working with companies to ensure that they are receiving the greatest benefits from ServiceNow.  Our knowledgeable and professional team will not only provide comprehensive training and hands-on learning workshops to keep your business and employees up to date on all of ServiceNow’s features but also can work with you to grow your ServiceNow platform as your company grows and evolves.  We’ll help you expand your productivity with ServiceNow.

As a ServiceNow Elite Partner and Product Line Specialist for SPM with a CSAT score of 9.9, InSource is an excellent partnership option because we offer years of experience and knowledge that we put to use when working with companies to implement ServiceNow features into their businesses.  ServiceNow training and consulting are the core points of our business, ensuring that we have the most up-to-date information.  We focus much of our expertise on this platform, which will ensure that you get the most out of your ITBM software by partnering with us.

Clearly Define Your Goals and Metrics for the Success of Your SPM Implementation

SPM platforms like ServiceNow’s have countless applications for companies and are designed to fit a large variety of business models.  For that reason, having a clear idea of what services you want to get out of your ITBM software is essential.  Think about the workflow challenges your company has, identify time-consuming processes that could be streamlined, and consider where the organization could improve.  Begin by implementing features that address these issues directly and grow from there.

Involve Leadership Before Planning the Implementation to Ensure Their Needs are Met

Getting your leadership involved from the beginning allows them to be involved in the process of implementing an SPM system.  Identifying the ways in which these platforms can benefit their own workflow and provide solutions to the challenges they face in their day to day tasks can help leadership stay involved and play a role in the implementation process.  Their participation will also help streamline the transition into your new platform and keep the business engaged in the changes in your workflow while avoiding bumps in the road along the way. 

Create a Long-Term SPM implementation Plan

When implementing an SPM plan, it’s of course important to take a look at your business’ immediate needs and to ensure that your platform addresses them accordingly.  However, an important component of transitioning to a platform like ServiceNow is understanding how the program can help your business achieve its long-term goals as well.  In creating a long-term plan, it is important to think about how the SPM program could affect or modify different aspects of your companies’ workflow.  It’s also important to create a plan that addresses who will regulate or manage the system and who will be authorized to make decisions or changes to the platform.  Thinking about those aspects early will maximize the business’ experience and ensure that any problems you may encounter in the future are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Formulate a Proof of Concept (POC)

Not everyone will understand or appreciate the many benefits that an SPM platform can bring to a company.  Creating and presenting a proof of concept (POC) can help leadership or stakeholders visualize the benefits of introducing such a system to the company. These presentations will not only demonstrate the true potential of a ServiceNow platform but will also help explain how business operations can be streamlined, organized, and amplified with the transition to an SPM program.

Get started on SPM Planning with InSource

At InSource, our knowledge and expertise will help you navigate through the potential of SPM platforms and help you identify which options are the best for your business.  We’ll help you create a comprehensive plan that will benefit your business operations and maximize employee productivity.  We will also provide you tools for presenting the benefits that ServiceNow can bring to leadership and provide personalized training to help ensure a smooth transition to your new program.  In short, we’re here to guide you towards a more productive and streamlined business that will continue to promote your company’s success in the future. For more information please visit our ITMB Services page or contact us today.

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