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5 Resume Tips for ServiceNow Developers

Are you looking for a new job as a ServiceNow Developer? Within the technology sector, ServiceNow is a growing technology. ServiceNow development positions are a valuable opportunity for professionals to grow their careers. InSource has 5 resume tips to push you above the competition and score a job as a ServiceNow developer.  

5 Resume tips for ServiceNow Developers

People often are writing and rewriting their resume frequently to match the job they are applying to.  If you want to land your dream job as a ServiceNow developer, make sure you have the fundamentals from these 5 resume tips first.

ServiceNow Developers Resume tips:

1. Layout

Keep the “skills” portion of your resume near the top.  In general, keep this section brief and straight to the point. Explain how you implemented your skills in the next section, “experience”. Last, include your education.  Although a college degree is not always required, it is usually expected.  Don’t embellish in this section and keep it neat and accurate. 

2. Be aware of automated searches

Most resumes are analyzed at least once by an automated process that picks out keywords from your resume.  The keywords are used as a sorting tool and resumes that do not contain any of these words may be removed from the applicant pool before a human eye can read it. Although this does not seem fair, it is a way to manage the large number of resumes that high demand ServiceNow developer jobs receive. Usually, the words employers will sort for are specific skills that can be found in the position’s description or job ad. When writing the “skills” portion of your resume, don’t abbreviate these skills and think thoroughly about what skills you have and the number of years experience with them.

3. Don’t be afraid to brag

It may not be comfortable for you, but a resume is a place to show what you’ve accomplished! When writing about your experience, make sure to bring up projects you’ve worked on or specific accomplishments that show you have more to offer than just the required skill set, whether it be a personality trait or a soft skill like communication. Highlight how your work as a ServiceNow developer at previous positions has tangibly improved something for the employer like increased revenue or cutting response time or saving money.

4. Context is key

Make sure to explain how you implemented your skills in the vertical organization of a company.  More and more employers understand that IT has hands in every part of their organization.  They may see value if you’ve used your ServiceNow expertise in more contexts than just ITSM.  For example, if you have ITOM, ITBM experience, make sure to bring it up.

5. Include certifications

When writing your education section, remember to include your certifications. Most employers are interested in what you’ve done once you’ve graduated to improve your knowledge base and grow in your career. Include these certifications even if they are no longer current.  A track record of certifications shows that you have put effort into professional development, and this is a desirable trait for employers. 

Looking for a ServiceNow Development job? InSource can help. If you’re not confident about your resume layout or if the content will grab the attention of potential employers, consider seeking advice or resume tips from InSource.  InSource professionals work closely with companies that use ServiceNow and know exactly what they find desirable in a ServiceNow developer. InSource can speak with you to find out your skills, experience, and educations and present your resume to those who are looking to hire ServiceNow developers. Contact InSource today. 


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