ServiceNow’s world-class service management solution can easily and naturally extend into any organization’s HR departments. 

Streamline and Improve HR Service Delivery While Increasing HR Efficiency

ServiceNow’s HRSM solution improves satisfaction, engagement, and productivity of an organization’s HR department by offering a consumer-like self-service portal for employees. Today’s workforce expects consumer-grade service experiences. With ServiceNow HR Service Management, you can quickly and easily provide employees access to the services they need, along with requests and fulfill process automation.

How ServiceNow HRSM Works

Human Resource Service Management (HRSM) outlines, manages and tracks the services of your Human Resource department into an employee focused system. ServiceNow HR Service Catalog can support your existing HR systems to provide employees a central portal to locate pre-defined services such as benefits and/or employee relation items. When employees submit requests through the HR Service Catalog, cases are created and automatically assigned to a designated HR specialist or team. HRSM also provides integrated reporting to gain insight into request types, volumes and workloads so that HR management can align services, improve resources and identify opportunities.

HR Case Management Benefits to Your Enterprise

Many HR Case Management tools are not equipped for truly automated workflow or are too complicated for simple use. In this case, any request including vacation days, employee onboarding to handling complaints are instead managed manually by email or phone. Handling HR requests manually not only results in a poor service delivery but also restricts tracking and real-time reporting. This proves difficult for HR management to understand HR performance.

ServiceNow HR Case Management can be used to support your existing HR system allowing you to automate employee onboarding, offboarding and other HR workflows easily to save time, improve service delivery and reduce errors. With HR Case Management, employees can easily submit and track their requests through the service portal, and HR employees can perform the following tasks:

  • Create employee HR cases, such as seeking information about benefits, 401k, etc.
  • Leaders can view HR case information and manage the overall workload of the HR department

Improve Service and Reduce Costs with HR Service Automation

Transform your organization’s HR service delivery with ServiceNow HR Service Automation. In recent years, it’s become common for innovative and efficient organizations to implement IT processes and tools outside of their IT department. Based on the growing demand, ServiceNow has developed a purpose-built HR service delivery application that makes it easier for IT and HR to work together to transform their organization’s HR service delivery.

When colleagues can easily access the services and information they need to do their jobs, your organization can improve performance, increase efficiency and lower operational costs. By anticipating your colleagues’ needs with ServiceNow HR Service Automation, the benefits include:

  • Multi-departmental processes, like employee onboarding, are efficiently routed to the right people, ultimately creating a seamless service workflow.
  • A secure audit trail of all activities including any approvals and actions, in particular:
    • Onboarding automation ensures a new employee has everything they need ready on day one including hardware, software, and security accounts.
    • Immediate and trackable account enablement, change tracking, and disablement
    • Efficient recollection of hardware, software, and software licensing
    • Identification of all company Assets assigned to employees
  • Reduction in time and resources for request responses
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Automate workflows that span beyond HR
  • Improve the daily value of HR to the business’ overall goals

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