What You Need to Know About the New Jakarta Release

On July 19, 2017, ServiceNow released the newest installment of their platform: Jakarta. Named after the Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta, a city known for its rich diversity of cultures and communities located on a one of a kind archipelago. Much like how Jakarta brings together communities to develop it’s thriving city, the new ServiceNow update is built on improving online communities within the platform to grow and prosper together.

The release of Jakarta has brought on several changes to the platform that will continue to help organizations automate and streamline their business’ processes. If you are interested in upgrading your platform or are eager to learn more about the updated features, InSource has put together a list of the top 7 changes that will make an impact for your organization.

ServiceNow Jakarta Platform Updates

1.  Changes to the Platform Interface
Previously referred to as the “ServiceNow” platform, ServiceNow has changed the name of their platform in Jakarta to the “Now” platform. Along with the new name, you’ll notice that the updated, fresh interface within the new application aims to help users and administrators get the most out of the platform.

  • Guided Tour
    The Guided Tour Designer will help increase the end-user productivity within the platform, ultimately reducing tickets within the help desk. Administrators can create guided tours in the embedded support that will help walk users through the platform to better understand the requirements.
  • Notifications
    The Now platforms give users to ability to set and manage their own notification preferences from a central location, including subscriptions and devices for receiving them.

2. ServiceNow Express
In Jakarta, the ServiceNow Express platform has been migrated and is now a part of the core ServiceNow platform. Express customers will no longer need to perform a conversion to transition into the core ServiceNow platform where they’ll be able to take full advantage of its premium features including IT Operation Management, IT Business Management, Performance Analytics and more.

3. Performance Analytics
The new, updated capabilities for Performance Analytics allows organizations to track and collect data to help make better business decisions.

  • Interactive Analysis gives you the ability to quickly explore real-time data using visualizations
  • Advanced Forecasting provides organizations with forecasting based on real-time, adaptive data using machine learning algorithms. Organizations can personalize forecast lines to identify trends and set alerts for targets.
  • Report Designer allows users to create meaningful reports through a guided process. In addition to creating reports from data collected within your instance, the updated ServiceNow platform allows you to import Excel spreadsheets containing data collected outside your instances to create reports.

4. Governance, Risk, and Compliance: Vendor Risk Management

The updated Vendor Risk Management application within the updated platforms provides a central location for managing vendor portfolios, stakeholder relations and cross functional processes. By integrating with the Governance Risk and Compliance applications, the Vendor Risk Management platform continuously monitors, detects and works to correct potential risks in your organization’s vendor environment. This allows vendor management to efficiently align with your organization’s management and security standards while providing top-down visibility for compliance with controls and risks.

5. Communities
One of the most notable features for the Jakarta release is the ServiceNow communities. Previously, users would have to go online to discuss best practices of products and/or services. With the launch of ServiceNow communities, users can engage and interact within your organization in the following ways:

  • Communicate Platform Upgrades
  • Forums to Discuss Best Practices and Solve Issues
  • Product Feedback

6. Security Operations: Trusted Security Circles
Trusted Security Circles is a brand new application within the Jakarta release that is a channel specific to sharing security threat intelligence. Cybersecurity is a hot button issue right now for any size business, which makes the release of ServiceNow Trusted Security Circles beneficial.
Circles can be organized by industry, geography or supply chain in which IT security teams can anonymously share data with their peers, customers, and suppliers. Trusted Security Circles can be mutually beneficial as they can help sending organizations to identify whether the activity they’re tracking is a targeted attacked or broad-based. Likewise, receiving organizations are made aware of attacks happening and prepare for any potential future attacks.

7. Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions
This much-anticipated application allows organizations to quickly establish and manage employee lifecycle events between departments on a single service platform. Within the Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions application, processes that begin in HR but span over multiple systems and departments can be automated and streamlined including employee onboarding, offboarding, relocation and leave of absences. This application can drastically improve HR processes providing consumer-like service that makes it easy for employees to be employees.

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