ServiceNow User Groups

Community members around the world have formed these online groups to discuss, ask questions and blog about ServiceNow technologies in the Online Community. The ServiceNow User Group Program provides a forum for developers and technical professionals to network, learn best practices, keep knowledge and skills sharp, and interact with peers in person and in the online community.

ServiceNow User Groups (SNUGs) are facilitated by other ServiceNow customers who assist with agenda, testimonials and demos from the group at large. The goals of these quarterly meetings are to assist each other with “what comes next”, for everyone. The groups provide a networking opportunity to share and learn from other’s implementations, applications and general experience. The events are generally sponsored by a ServiceNow Partner and include lunch an general networking Q&A sessions as well.

ServiceNow SNUG Information

Let us know you’ll be attending a SNUG near one of our office locations and we’ll be glad to show you around and introduce you to other customers like yourself.

Wayne, PAEast PAWall, NJNew Jersey
 Central PAAtlanta, GAAtlanta
Annapolis, MDDC MarugDallas, TXCentral Texas
Tampa, FLNorth FloridaCharlotte, NCNorth Carolina
 South Florida  

ServiceNow Authorized Training Partner - InSource

InSource is a ServiceNow Authorized Training Partner, a recognition of our expertise and experience with the ServiceNow platform. E-mail us at to set up a free discovery session and quote.