InSource helps organizations improve their Information Technology Operations Management leveraging our very own, sophisticated ITOM Practice. ServiceNow IT Operation Management easily detects and diagnoses service issues with early detection and improved visibility. InSource has extensive ServiceNow ITOM implementation experience and can help your organization transform your CMDB with the use of ITOM by enhancing visibility, improving availability, increasing agility, and managing hybrid clouds.

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Discover the ServiceNow IT Operations Management Applications


With ServiceNow Event Management administrators can create actionable alerts with integrations from industry leading event monitoring platforms, such as System Center Operations Manager, Nagios, SolarWinds, Splunk, Dyantrace, and Moogsoft. When event management is used in conjunction with Orchestration the ServiceNow platform provides a means for automated remediation and dynamic service restoration. Alert rules can be established to deduplicate data, normalize events and only create incidents on meaningful event data.


The ServiceNow Discovery product gives you the means to create an accurate, up to date single system of record for your business services, applications, and infrastructure. It identifies IP enabled configuration items (CIs), maps their interdependencies to applications, and populates and maintains them in the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) – a critical step to automating service management. With ServiceNow Discovery module scan schedules are fully manageable to ensure the accuracy of your CMDB and enrich asset data. Discovery also helps maintain application architecture in near real-time by regularly scanning infrastructure and maintaining relationships with each application service.


ServiceNow MID Server Orchestration lets you increase service agility by automating IT and business processes for IT Operations Management (ITOM). You can reduce manual tasks with Configuration Automation of Servers, Software Distribution, Active Directory Password Reset and Server Maintenance, and improve end-user productivity by giving users the ability to access services directly. With ServiceNow Orchestration predefined activity packs administrators can design automated workflows and tasks to improve service delivery and agility. Codeless automation and activity packs also automate and accelerate processes for hardware and software asset management, cloud server provisioning with AWS and Azure, security access provisioning, managed file transfers, and configuration remediation.



Unleash the power of configuration automation with ServiceNow out of the box integrations with Chef and Puppet. ServiceNow utilizes Orchestration to send pre-defined tasks on workflows by plugin-integration with Chef and Puppet to automate configurations.

A fully functional set of pre-defined integrations and workflow items with ServiceNow extends the power of Chef and Puppet to end users, via the request management catalog. Transform your IT Infrastructure to a service aware IT Operations group by implementing configuration automation to control configuration drift and achieve desired state management. By interacting with Chef Servers and Puppet Masters administrators can extend the power of configuration automation utilizing ServiceNow drag and drop workflow editor and ServiceNow Orchestration Graphical Activity Designer.


Gain visibility into your services and underlying infrastructure by implementing ServiceNow Service Mapping. Leveraging MID Server Discovery and powerful ServiceNow design patterns administrators can relate applications to infrastructure this providing your organization a service aware view on IT Operations. Prevent outages, restore services quickly, control impacts to your operations with increased visibility and improved risk and impact analysis.

Quickly create accurate service maps that show the mix of Applications and IT Components which support your organization's services. Service Mapping will automatically update CI relationships and dependencies as changes occur across your enterprise.


Complex Cloud Administration and Cost Management are made easy with the integrated capabilities with ServiceNow and Cloud Management. Provision IT resources quickly to keep pace with your dynamic enterprise while controlling security access and virtual costs. ServiceNow Cloud Activity packs allow administrators to integrate Azure and AWS environments to extend Cloud Catalog Services. Server Provisioning, Console Access, Storage Provisioning, and Performance Management of cloud resources is made easy with ServiceNow’s Cloud Operations Portal and Platform Management capabilities.


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