Customer Service Management

In our tech-driven society, when a customer faces a problem, they expect a simple customer service process that provides an immediate solution. However, studies show that only 8% of all organizations have excellent customer service in the eyes of their consumers. Customers desire simplicity and convenient engagement methods including self-service agents available by their choice of phone, email or online chat.

Bring Your Customer Service Management into the 21st Century

Traditional customer service tools are outdated. They lack the high levels of communication, real-time metrics, and collaboration needed for identifying and addressing root causes of customer issues efficiently to deliver consistent and transparent customer service across departments. To stay competitive and strengthen your customers’ long-term loyalty, it’s imperative to optimize your organization’s CSM solutions.

ServiceNow CSM Solution

Proactively reduce case volumes and costs while increasing customer satisfaction

Customer Service Management Solution from ServiceNow is different. This omnichannel customer service solution allows organizations to effortlessly deliver customer service while connecting people, workflows, and systems across departments for case management and inquiry resolution leveraging knowledge.

ServiceNow CSM will provide your customers with a convenient self-service experience. This will increase customer satisfaction, reduce support costs and help shift internal focus on new business or transformations.

With ServiceNow CSM, your organization can provide faster and more thorough customer service in real time by:

  • Automating common service requests
  • Connecting front-end request to back-end systems to complete tasks efficiently
  • Conducting root-cause analyses to fix and prevent issues
  • Intelligently routing and assigning inquiries across departments
  • Reducing handling time
  • Maintaining robust self-service options using CSM Portal

InSource and ServiceNow Can Modernize Your CSM Solutions

As a ServiceNow Gold Services and Sales Partner, our experience and expertise have allowed us the opportunity to work with over 300 clients from start-ups with nascent IT operations, to Fortune 500 companies with highly complex IT needs. This experience has allowed our consultants to develop expertise across a variety of IT systems, hardware platforms, and network infrastructures to deliver custom Customer Service Management (CSM) Solution.

To improve your organization’s customer experience, our ServiceNow experts start by conducting a thorough assessment of your current CSM systems, processes, and operations to configure and customize the ServiceNow CSM platform to align with your customer service goals and needs.

Ready to update your customer service solutions? Delight your customers with ServiceNow Customer Service Management, request a demo or contact us today for more information!