RightAnswers provides comprehensive cloud-based knowledge management to improve your customer service and support. Our Enterprise Knowledge Hub shares support knowledge across the organization, increasing your efficiency and productivity. RightAnswers processes and knowledge best practices ensure your knowledge is complete, up-to-date and easy to find by your agents and self-service users.

Seamless integration with ServiceNow means agents find knowledge without leaving their Ser-viceNow screen, easing their work and reducing training time. Our powerful search lets agents and end-users quickly find what they’re looking for. Social aspects such as forums and com-ments enable agents and end-users to help each other. RightAnswers is the only best-in-class knowledge management provider that is KCS Verified V5 for its software and workflows, and we train and consult with our clients on KCS best practices for creating knowledge and keeping it current.

To discuss how your organization can benefit from the RightAnswers knowledge management tool, contact one of our professionals today at (610) 592-0800, or e-mail us at info@insourcenow.com.