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InSource became a Silver Partner with Pure Storage in 2016 as part of our expanding strategy to be a leading provider of world-class technology solutions that maximize our clients’ efficiency, security, and productivity.
One of the most difficult challenges to realizing improved efficiency, security, and productivity in IT today is effectively managing the ever-growing volumes of information generated in today’s environment. In particular, the legacy storage solutions where this data resides are complex, difficult to procure and manage, and require technology refresh projects every few years. In addition to being inefficient, this approach is costly and introduces additional risk during the constant migrations.

Together, Insource and Pure Storage break that cycle, eliminate refreshes, drive efficiency, and help clients tame the storage beast.

With a combination of unique technology, experienced guidance, and a maniacal focus on customer satisfaction, Insource will help you lower costs, drive simplicity and agility, and run your infrastructure as a cloud.This allows you to focus on transforming your business instead of managing your infrastructure.

If you would like to learn more about how to tame the storage beast and make your organization more efficient, secure and productive, contact one of our professionals today at (610) 592-0800, or e-mail us at info@insourcenow.com.

About Pure Storage

Pure Storage accelerates the possible, transforming businesses in ways previously unimagined. The company’s disruptive, software-driven, all-flash storage technology combined with a customer-friendly business model drives business and IT transformation for customers through dramatic increases in performance and efficiency at lower costs. With Pure’s industry leading Net Promoter Score of 83.5, Pure customers are some of the satisfied in the world, and include large and mid-size organizations across a range of industries. With Pure Storage, companies push the boundaries of what’s possible to become faster, smarter, and more innovative.

Contact us today to discuss how Pure Storage can help your organization simplify and streamline storage resources, drive efficiency and lead to quick results.

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