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How to Ensure Service Portal Adoption


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Why is Customer Service All the Rage?- ServiceNow CSM London

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Event + Orchestration = ITOM Value Webinar


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Major Incidents vs. Problems Webinar


ServiceNow Customer Service Management Implementation

Improving the Customer Experience is one of the highest priorities for organizations across industries. Businesses are now focusing on strategically shifting from reacting to customer’s problems, to anticipating them.
Watch this exciting and enlightening session to learn how you can:

  • Resolve issues faster by connecting front-end requests to back-end systems
  • Pinpoint disruptions and automate remediation to proactively resolve customer issues
  • Tailor your service experience to meet your customers’ needs and increase customer satisfaction while proactively reducing case volumes and service costs.

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Incidents vs. Request- “What’s the Diff.?”

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Enhance ITAM with Contract Management Today!

Do you have IT Asset Management in place? Are you beginning to develop your ITAM program? See how Contract Management can be used to enrich Asset Management. Discover the ways Contract Management can support various enterprise processes leveraging the power of the ServiceNow Platform.


3 Ways To Improve Your CSAT

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