In the 21st Century, there is perhaps no greater concern for businesses than security. Through our partnerships with Okta and ServiceNow, InSource is able to deliver world-class identity management and onboarding/offboarding solutions.

Through their unique, cloud-based identity management capabilities, Okta’s service will equip your employees with a secure single user log-on, providing both efficiencies as well as the highest level of cloud-based security. Okta’s onboarding/offboarding service with provisioning capabilities ensures that your employees will be up and running on day one with everything they need. Also, when they leave your company, their secure accesses are instantly revoked, ensuring that your company remains secure throughout natural employee turnover.

The solutions that InSource and Okta’s partnership offers can work as stand-alone cloud-based security systems or can prove a valuable expansion of your existing ServiceNow platform. As a preferred ServiceNow and Okta partner, InSource is uniquely positioned to maximize your ServiceNow capabilities.

To discuss how InSource can leverage the Okta platform to make your organization more efficient and more secure, contact one of our professionals today at (610) 592-0800, or e-mail us at

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Identity Management

Okta’s cloud-based identity management platform offers Single Sign-On (SSO) to manage all of your authentication needs securely. Okta utilizes Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) for its multi-factor authentication, mitigating the risk of identity theft or other security breaches. The SSO capability not only keeps your company secure but also adds increased efficiency, as employees are only required to remember one user name and password combination. Because Okta’s identity management platform is cloud-based, it allows for application access from anywhere. Okta strikes the perfect balance between ease of use and cloud adoption with security. Okta integrates seamlessly with any web-based app, whether it’s on-prem or in the cloud. With a platform as powerful and simple as this, it’s no wonder it’s the identity management of choice for companies like Coca-Cola, Rosetta Stone, CBS, AutoTrader Group, and more.

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Onboarding/offboarding presents a significant logistics and security challenge for most companies. Through the Okta onboarding/offboarding solution, fully integrated with the ServiceNow platform, your company gains the following advantages:

  • Rapid, efficient onboarding process
  • Acceleration of acquisition integrations
  • Improved user productivity
  • Offboarding security including revocation of all secure sign-ons


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Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

A Secure Way to Protect your Company’s Applications and Data.

Protect your customer and employee data from security breaches. Outdated on-prem multi-factor authentication solutions are complex to manage and can be intrusive to your users. Okta multi-factor authentication offers a smarter solution. It’s contextual access management and big-data analytics will add a second layer of security to sensitive applications such as HR.

Okta Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentications allows organizations to provide their employees and customer seamless access to the applications and tools they need. It uses intelligence and the ability to set rules to determine when a user must provide a second form of identification after entering a username and password. Okta MFA can be integrated and work as a part of an existing system, whether its VPN, on-prem or cloud applications. Okta can also restrict application access by user location, limiting access to critical systems to corporate IP address ranges if desired.

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Enterprise Services for Mergers, Acquisitions & Domains

Okta offers one place to manage all your users, groups and devices.

One of the biggest challenges of acquisition is how IT manages shared resources. There’s a universe of problems that can arise when connecting new systems and user stores to corporate resources. Okta can quickly and easily give all of your users secure access to the technology they need by utilizing the Okta Universal Directory to establish a single security platform able to consume and provide application access to multiple Active Directories without requiring Active Directory trusts. The typical Active Directory merge takes approximately one year to complete – Okta Universal Directory can have diverse Active Directories accessing corporate or cloud-based applications within a day.

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User Provisioning

Okta brings identity management and human resource management together into a unified system.

Often, organizations that use human resource management systems rely on that same system as the authoritative source of employee information, which makes it challenging for IT to synchronize HR user records between AD and applications. Onboarding/offboarding users across multiple software titles can take up valuable time from an organization IT department. With Okta’s hands off real-time user provisioning unified system solution, managing users can be completed automatically and more secure. Increase the efficiency of your employee onboarding process with automated user provisioning for any of your applications or software using the cloud or on-prem provisioning. In addition to automating the provisioning and deprovisioning process, Okta provides a complete audit trail of those activities.

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Mobile Device Lifecycle Automation

Secure mobile strategy with integrated identity and mobility management

Mobility can be a challenge for IT leader who has to manage and secure not only people and applications but also a variety of devices too. Provisioning apps across devices, segmenting business and personal data, and revoking employee access are all tough tasks if you don’t have a unified view of all your users and their devices.

With Okta Device Lifecycle Automation, you can automate mobile device management for the entire user lifecycle, eliminating manual effort while increasing the security of your mobile environment.

Contact us to discuss how InSource and Okta can improve your company security, simplifies management for IT, and gives everyone a simple way in.