Strategic IT Recruiting: Positioning Your Company and Job Description for the Perfect Candidate

Currently, the unemployment rates for many IT positions are very low. For many IT positions the demand exceeds the supply, which means hiring top tech talent for your organization won’t be getting easier anytime soon. We see strong demand across the marketplace for technology expertise, including Application Developers. With such high demand for development talent and so much “noise” in the market place from hiring companies and IT staffing companies, unless you have a personal connection or come in contact with a developer at the perfect time, chances are your outreach messages will get lost in the mix or fall onto deaf ears. Getting the attention and sparking the interest of qualified prospective candidates can be a challenge, especially as it appears that tech talent views most of the available positions as interchangeable.

In addition to application developers, the skill sets that we see significant demand for are cyber security specialists, business intelligence specialists and ServiceNow implementation specialists. Top candidates who possess these skills and are experienced in these areas routinely evaluate potential employers and positions and can be difficult to impress. So, how can organizations attract and recruit top tech talent in such a competitive market? Simple, impress the best candidates, position your organization as a desirable workplace for your employees and outperform your competitors.

Selling Your Organization to the IT Talent

In today’s fast paced, tech driven environment, developers view the technology aspect of positions as a given; it’s expected that they will work with the latest tools and updated platforms. Rather, it’s often the non-tech aspects of a position that developers are seeking.
Developers are looking for cultural fits and they’re looking for a work/life balance. What exactly does your organization offer them that most competitors can’t? Maybe it’s your location, advancement opportunities or the flexibility to work remotely. Maybe it’s your catered lunches or weekly dart tournaments.
Candidates are looking to gain as much insight about your organization as they can before they even consider your opportunity. Some key information they’re looking for answers to is:

  • What would compel a prospective employee to leave their current position to come work for your organization?
  • Why are you hiring for this position?
  • How does your organization help grow its employees within their careers?
  • What do your current employees enjoy most about your company?

In what ways does your organization make a difference, not just a profit?
While answering these questions may be simple, the tricky part is communicating the answers to potential candidates to attract their interest before the interview process starts. This is the information and insight about your company and the position that needs to be communicated in job postings to gain attention and spark interest.

Matching IT Talent to the Position

Your ultimate goal when filling a position should be to find the best possible candidate who truly fits your organization, not to attract the most applicants possible. While it is critical to attract top tech talent to your organization, it’s more important to find a candidate that suits your organization’s needs, and aligns well to your company’s culture.
A resume can only tell you so much about a person, for this reason, it’s important to have polished people skills and know the right questions to ask to determine if a candidate is a good fit. Gone are the days of matching requirements and keywords from a job description to skills on a resume, instead consider recruiting by matching both the person to the position and company culture to the candidate.

How an IT Staffing Company Can Help

Recruiting, especially in the IT industry, is a developed skill that shouldn’t be treated as a secondary task to a manager or department leader, as today’s market is candidate-driven and very competitive. At InSource, our mission is to find not only the most qualified candidates but also candidates that are the best fit for your organization’s culture, needs, and goals via a thorough screening process. Our experienced and highly qualified IT staffing specialists will work with your organization to understand your needs and deliver top tech talent, ultimately saving your organization time, stress and a poor hiring decision.

If you are an organization in need of ServiceNow talent and IT staffing services, contact us today to find out how InSource can expand your IT team with top tech talent and ServiceNow training.

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IT Staffing: Recruiting, Screening and Training ServiceNow Professionals

ServiceNow Training and ServiceNow Training- IT Recruitment- InSource

Successful ServiceNow implementations and integrations within organizations are dependent on ServiceNow professionals to make it a reality. However, finding qualified ServiceNow talent that meets business’ goals is often a real challenge. ServiceNow is a very niche, specific and in-demand skillset. Therefore, there isn’t a large pool of idle candidates on demand.

As a ServiceNow Gold Services Partner, we understand the need for recruiting, employing and expanding top ServiceNow talent within your organization. With the industry shortage of talent, obtaining ServiceNow professionals can be a challenge. Here’s our tips for recruiting, screening and training ServiceNow professionals.

Top ServiceNow Staffing Qualifications

When recruiting top ServiceNow candidates, it’s important to outline the specific IT Recruitment- Recruiting ServiceNow Professionals - InSource skills, qualities and characteristics you’re looking for them to possess. The ServiceNow platform is continuously advancing and improving, so you’ll want to recruit talent that is motivated and eager to learn what the next release entails. Here are some insider tactics for recruiting top talent:

  • Partnering with select universities to provide the required talent: establish a relationship with on-campus presence and a regular pipeline of required skills and future skills
  • Offer current employee incentives to refer and place talent: $x, xxx for each referral with an additional $x, xxx if the person is hired
  • Develop a strong internal (perhaps externally sourced) training curriculum for existing or new employees: regularly available courses to bring employees up to speed over time on required technologies
  • Ensure the current recruiting standards are appropriately set for the level of talent required: are standards over engineered for certain positions?
  • Create a plan that ensures current talent is retained
  • Partner with a leading IT contracting firm to recruit talent: engage with one or two firms specifically to continually bring the right talent in for review and hiring

In addition to recruiting tactics, here are some essential experiences and characteristics to look for in a candidate that will help increase your organization’s capabilities within the robust ServiceNow platform.

  • ServiceNow Certifications and Accreditations are an easy way to gain insight into the candidate’s ServiceNow capabilities and skills. An individual who has invested their time and energy into obtaining certifications and accreditations is someone who adds instant value to your organization.
  • Expanded platform experience include ITOM, CSM, CMDB, Incident, Discovery, Asset, Orchestration, ServiceWatch, etc.
  • A personal ServiceNow Developer Instance
  • Ability to perform integrations and develop automations using ServiceNow Orchestration
  • Experience with JavaScript, Web Technologies (XML, HTML5, Web Services, etc.
  • Working knowledge of LDAP, VPN, SSL and other skills may be foundational to certified developers
  • Individuals who are active within the ServiceNow community. Candidates who regularly attend SNUG (User Groups) and stays up to date on their Slack channels, Twitter feed, news, etc. shows a desire for learning and staying in the know.
  • A deep passion and devotion for the ServiceNow platform

With ServiceNow staffing, hiring leaders must have the ability to accurately assess the candidate’s understanding of the platform beyond their resume and certifications. Ideally, your goal should be to find a candidate who possesses all of the above skills and traits. If not, use your best judgment. The key factor is having a structured viewpoint of your organization’s goals for ServiceNow, methodologies, and processes. Without that, you’re risking your a costly hiring mistake.

Screening Process for ServiceNow Staffing

Now that you’ve obtained a talent pool of qualified prospects, it’s essential to make sure they are a good fit for your organization. Having a thoroughServiceNow Staffing- IT Staffing Firm- InSource screening process for hiring new employees can be the difference between finding the best possible candidate and making a costly, poor hiring decision. While technical proficiency is a great starting point for deciding if a candidate will work for your team, you’ll also want to make sure you find an individual capable of taking concepts or goals and developing them into plans that will work within your organization. The screening process for ServiceNow staffing should confirm the candidate’s qualifications.

At InSource, our mission is to not only to find the most qualified candidate but also one who are the best fit for your organization’s culture, needs and goals through a thorough screening process. Some aspects of our screening process include:

  • Create a proficiency model to measure both hard and soft skills, from technical capabilities to proactive thinking and resourcefulness.
  • Conduct a technical skill set assessment challenge to test their ability to think on their feet and work within your team. Also, this will help gauge the proficiency of their expertise.
  • In-person interviews are often an easy way to assess how a candidate will fit within your organization via nonverbal cues like eye contact, expressions, and gestures.
  • Consider obtaining internal team input
  • Reference checks can be critical as they provide insight into how a candidate has performed in the past and how they may perform.

Armed with clear specifications for the candidate you are looking for, along with the opinions of your team will provide strong standards for identifying the best possible ServiceNow professional for achieving your business goals. Partnering with InSource for ServiceNow staffing allows you access to top qualified talent in the industry who can make a long-term positive impact on your organization.

Improving ServiceNow Skills Through Training

While our thorough recruiting process should produce a team of top quality  candidates, further training and experienced may be necessary. The key to maintaining and growing top ServiceNow talent is to keep skills sharp and continuously advancing.

Here are two ways you can improve your employee’s ServiceNow Skills:

  • Embrace continuous learning and internal development within your company culture. ServiceNow is constantly evolving and advancing causing skills to become stale if not continually updating quickly.
  • Provide further ServiceNow training opportunities for your employees. At InSource, we’ve developed relevant, convenient and cost-effective hands-on ServiceNow training methods can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs, goals and values. Our hands-on, interactive training courses will empower your team with the necessary knowledge and skills to improve overall productivity and efficiency. ServiceNow training programs provide a safe, non-production environment to develop a detailed understanding of concepts including administration and configuration to Fulfiller process and end user training. Check out our upcoming ServiceNow training courses

If you are an organization in need of ServiceNow talent and IT staffing services, contact us today to find out how InSource can expand your IT team with top talent and ServiceNow training.

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