Identity Management


In the 21st Century, there is perhaps no greater concern for businesses than security. Through our partnership with Okta, InSource is able to deliver world-class Okta identity management, employee on-boarding/off-boarding solutions, adaptive multi-factor authentication, enterprise services for mergers, acquisitions & domains, and user provisioning. Through their unique, cloud-based identity management capabilities, Okta’s service will equip your employees with a secure single user log-on, providing both efficiency as well as the highest level of cloud-based security. Okta’s on-boarding/off-boarding service with provisioning capabilities ensures that your employees will be up and running on day one with everything they need, and that when they leave your company, their secure accesses are instantly revoked, ensuring that your company remains secure throughout natural employee turnover.  Learn more about our Okta capabilities

Contact one of our Okta solutions consultants today to find out how InSource can best leverage the Okta Identity Management platform to keep your organization secure.