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Professional Staffing Services

InSource stands alone among staffing agencies for targeted, highly-experienced IT experts. Our proprietary assessment process managed personally by IT professionals themselves is what makes us so unique.

General purpose staffing agencies do not employ experienced IT experts to conduct interviews, prepare surveys and provide assessments of technical experience and expertise.

Based in Philadelphia, and serving companies throughout North America

InSource staffs IT departments for many of the largest organizations in our home region area. We employ several proprietary models for driving value and results in technical human resources. InSource serves organization large and small with one driving factor: To put rock-solid confidence behind their IT department and to make information-technology a genuine asset builder.

InSource is one of the top US technology staffing agencies. Our specialists are technology leaders who provide expert staffing for all project types: full-time, contract, and contract-to-permanent positions. We work for IT departments and agencies of all sizes.

Project Management and PMO Experts.

InSource is one of the few technology firms with an emphasis on Project Manager Staffing. Skilled project managers have the personal, technical and visionary experience to manage complex projects with diverse team members.

We are routinely sought out specifically for our track record of providing accountable project managers who deliver the right balance of candor, objectivity and skill to projects that often involve dramatic change to a company (change for the better of course).

InSource provides a range of project management services including Future State Design (FSD), Data Migration (DM), operational mergers and acquisitions, and complex divestitures.

Full Service Staffing

Our experienced team of IT professionals and engineers offer comprehensive services from basic troubleshooting and desktop support, to server design and engineering, all the way to custom application design and deployment.

The Right People. The Right Technology.

InSource is proud to have a reputation for being much more than a contract project company. We are a business solutions company, and solutions often boil down to the right people with the right technology.